World famous manager! Ancelotti led Real Madrid 3 moves to reverse Liverpool

Heracles Athletics, February 22nd foreign news. Early this morning, Real Madrid in the Champions League 1/8th round first round staged a desperate comeback, trailing 0-2 in the first half to tie the score, the second half to extend 3 points in a row, the final game to 5-2 reversal of Liverpool. Today, the two goal gods together to play a key mistake, Courtois opened the game to give away 2 points, but the Real Madrid back defense is not a vegetarian, the organization of the attack in the midfield is unpredictable, Ancelotti in the trailing 3 moves strategy worked, completely disrupted Liverpool, worthy of a world-class marshal, worthy of the king of the Champions League.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022:World famous manager! Ancelotti led Real Madrid 3 moves to reverse Liverpool

Heracles Athletics:World famous manager! Ancelotti led Real Madrid 3 moves to reverse Liverpool

Nunez scored in the 4th minute to get a dream start, followed by Courtois’ mistake and Salah’s follow up goal, which tied the record of 44 goals scored by African players in the Champions League. Next, Real Madrid warmed up and started to press harder, not only did they not panic in the face of a two-point deficit, but they were calm and collected, worthy of a big game team, looking at the opponent’s soft spot at the back and then attacked, Vinicius scored twice in the first half to tie the score.

In the second half, Militão’s precise header continued to extend the score, and Mr. Benzema, the Ballon d’Or man, lived up to his name by adding two more goals for Real Madrid, as the Galacticos turned around from 0-2 to 5-2 against Liverpool.

How did Real Madrid turn around? First of all, Real Madrid’s excellent defensive counter-attack is known around the world, the opponent scores first usually does not mean to take the lead, but to be careful of Real Madrid’s unexpected counter-attack. Sure enough, Ancelotti saw 2 points behind is no waves, but a raised eyebrow – seems to be thought of countermeasures.

Heracles Athletics:World famous manager! Ancelotti led Real Madrid 3 moves to reverse Liverpool-2

Real Madrid’s counter-attack started from the line of Fabinho and Gomez, Fabinho was steadily held by Valverde and Modric, Gomez was broken down and lost the ball one after another, Real Madrid’s tactics worked very well, and seeing the score overturned to 4-2, the Galacticos were on fire and played their tactics to the extreme. Fabinho organized the attack, Modric prominently broke the ball after high-speed forward 30 meters, on the one hand, Benzema and Vinicius also completed cross-running in the foreground, this operation can be good at squatting defending Van Dyke whole will not be, Liverpool backline instantly dropped, Benzema waved past Alisson and easily shot into the empty goal, just one minute to play a world-class attack, in addition to Real Madrid is no one.

According to the Heracles Athletics news, this is the biggest loss of points Liverpool has ever tasted in the Champions League, but also the Klopp era for the first time in the Champions League lost so miserable miserable miserable, their own side of a series of mistakes and even let Uncle Jagger gas to applause, although not for last year’s Champions League defeat to avenge the snow, the beam is deeper outside, Real Madrid’s performance still let the Reds lose heart and soul, fans even in the Magic Flute staged a world-class counter-snatch when standing up to applaud. 16 strong on the stage It was a bit brutal, but that’s what makes the game so exciting, so let’s look forward to the next battle at the Bernabeu.

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