What happened to Liverpool’s 4 strikers when they faced Real Madrid?

ALLIN88 Legit Online Casino, The 2022-23 UEFA Champions League Top 8 was released in the early hours of this morning, and the last two seats were taken by Galacticos Real Madrid and Napoli. Liverpool lost 0-1 at the Bernabeu this morning, and lost 2-6 to Real Madrid in the double round to advance to the Top 8. The ceremony midfielder Modric this game staged a master class pick, let Arnold completely flabbergasted in place to appreciate, in addition to the leading scorer Benzema is super active, constantly in front of the goal to create a threat, and in the 78th minute scored the only goal of the game, Liverpool can be said to be convced to lose, but the Reds also have a 4 striker lineup, what exactly did they do when facing Real Madrid?

ALLIN88 Legit Online Casino:What happened to Liverpool's 4 strikers when they faced Real Madrid?-2

ALLIN88 Legit Online Casino:What happened to Liverpool’s 4 strikers when they faced Real Madrid?

The two sides faced each other, the first round Klopp offered Salah, Nunez and Gakpo trident, see the goal is not effective, the second round to grab points on the four strikers arrangement, respectively, the trident plus Diogo Jota. 2-5 in the last game with 3 points behind the Reds, this game at least to recover 3 points to have a chance to advance, although they had a number of excellent opportunities in the first half, but ultimately failed to break through the door of Real Madrid. As time went by, Real Madrid, which is good at defensive counter-attacking, recovered the ball in the second half. In the 78th minute, Vinicius fell to the ground and did not forget to cross the ball, and Mr. Benzema, the Golden Ball player, scored into the unguarded door with the speed of lightning, finally Real Madrid won 1-0, and the Reds did not take a point.

ALLIN88 Legit Online Casino:What happened to Liverpool's 4 strikers when they faced Real Madrid?

The Dutch winger Gakpo was placed on the right side near the midfield, if you need someone to assist Fabinho and Milner, he is the best choice, Klopp has been trying to train him to become Firmino 2.0, he can play a good attacking and defending pivot in the midfield, and there are several times to successfully hold Benzema attack, but he can not create a threat, many times missed a great opportunity in front of the field.

Nunez, who was plucked from Benfica, had the best chance of scoring among the 4 strikers. He worked well with Salah and showed a threat against Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, but unfortunately, he was unable to beat the Belgian in the end.

Jota’s situation was similar to the previous match against Bournemouth, he obviously had a hard time fitting into this game, Salah would miss all the passes to him and Klopp also saw this and took him off early in the 57th minute.

According to the ALLIN88 Legit Online Casino news, the last is Pharaoh Salah, perhaps facing Real Madrid has had 3 failures experience, as the commander of the Reds forward line this game is not too outstanding performance, Salah is the lowest score in the forward lineup in addition to Jota. In the face of such a weak attack, Klopp and Real Madrid must feel very sorry, last season’s Triple Crown is experiencing a downturn, hoping that after the elimination of the Champions League can focus on the Premier League to grab points, has now squeezed into the sixth place in the European competition, whether to maintain the front line will have to look forward to the outbreak.

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