Uruguay's front line trident, Suga Cavani and Nunez

Uruguay’s front line trident, Suga Cavani and Nunez-Allin 88 worldcup 2022

Allin 88 worldcup 2022, November 11 news. 2022 Qatar World Cup is close at hand, has officially entered the 10-day countdown. The Philippines time this morning, the South American powerhouse Uruguay officially announced the World Cup trip list, 26 people led by Suarez, with Nunez and Cavani to form a trident, the midfield brain by Valverde, the defense has veterans Caceres and Araujo sitting, Araujo’s comeback was a big surprise. Incidentally, the Uruguayan Football Federation has used a very special way to announce the list this year.

Uruguay's front line trident, Suga Cavani and Nunez

Allin 88 worldcup 2022: Uruguay’s front line trident, Suga Cavani and Nunez

Uruguay national team World Cup 26 people list.
3 goalkeepers: Muslera, Rochette, Sosa

9 defenders: Araujo, Godin, Caceres, Jimenez, Curtis, Guillermo Varela, J. L. Rodriguez, Oliveira, Binha

Midfield 10: Valverde, Bentancur, Torreira, Pelisteri, Manuel Ugarte, Besino, Agustin Canobio, Nicolas de la Cruz, Facundo Torres, Alaskaeta

4 strikers: Suarez, Nunez, Cavani, Maximiliano Gomez

Uruguay’s national team this year’s goal is also to shock the World Cup top 8, as a traditional South American powerhouse, Uruguay still veteran Suarez and Cavani to form a double core, and then take a young man Nunez, Uruguay’s forward line candidates are only four people, indicating that the trident to completely carry the front line.

Compared to the forwards, the midfield is full of talent, Real Madrid’s Valverde and Tottenham Hotspur’s Bentancur and River Plate’s Delacruz are all selected, so it can be said that the World Cup’s top midfield lineup. In the back line, Araujo surprise comeback, with Olivier and Godin sitting in the front line, is also a proper combination.

According to Allin 88 aworldcup 2022 news, the traditional powerhouse Uruguay although the average age is slightly older, the front line is ” the two older with a boy ” but the book strength is not to be underestimated, after all, the players are the top team in the top pillar, it’ s very interesting to see.

This year is likely to be Suga’s last World Cup, we hope he can lead the team into the top 8 or even the top 4, for the international competition to draw a good ending. The Uruguayan Football Federation also shot a film for the Uruguayan nationals to announce the list of players, which is the most heartfelt official announcement ever.

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