[Transfer Market] PSG Splashes €290 Million to Form a New Trident with Neymar

[Transfer Market] PSG Splashes €290 Million to Form a New Trident with Neymar

JiLiHOT Daily,Transfer news. Paris Saint-Germain’s summer transfer window is heating up as they have already signed 7 players, spending over €160 million. Now, PSG is planning to spend an additional €130 million to bring in 2 more players and form a new attacking trident. There are rumors that Kylian Mbappe might leave the team and join Real Madrid.

Barcelona’s departing player, Ousmane Dembélé, has arrived in Paris with his agent Konrad de la Fuente to finalize a long-term contract. His annual salary will reach €12 million, which is twice what he earned at Barcelona. PSG will also have to pay a €50 million release clause, making the total cost of the deal €50 million. According to reports, Mbappe’s potential departure is linked to Dembélé arrival. Real Madrid is also rumored to be preparing an offer, and if both parties agree on the transfer fee, Mbappe’s departure from PSG seems likely. While the future of Mbappe remains uncertain, PSG’s transfer actions seem to confirm the speculations about his potential departure.

JiLiHOT Daily,PSG Splashes €290 Million to Form a New Trident with Neymar

Additionally, PSG is planning to spend €80 million to sign Gonçalo Matias Ramos. He had an impressive performance last season, which is why PSG is willing to spend big to secure him. Including the 7 previous signings, PSG’s total spending for their transfer plan is estimated to be €290 million.

This transfer plan by PSG is understandable since they lost Lionel Messi, and Mbappe’s departure is also a possibility, leaving only Neymar as part of the original MNM trident. Neymar has not expressed any desire to leave, so PSG decided to reinforce the attack by bringing in new players to fill the void left by Messi and Mbappe.

However, whether the new trident can perform with great power remains uncertain. The combination of Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar was incredibly strong. Dembélé and Ramos, the new additions, are not on the same level as the original trio. Neymar’s current form is also not at its peak. Therefore, the success of PSG’s new trident is yet to be seen.

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