Responsible Gambling : Gambling mindset establishment

Responsible Gambling : How gambling mindset leads you to win more

Gambling is considered a bad habit. Because many addicted gamblers do not control their behavior, although there are people who become rich overnight, but more often they sink deeper and deeper in order to win back the money they lost, which eventually leads to losing all their fortune. Since gambling is really so dangerous, then why are there still countries indifferent or even special with a gambling city like Las Vegas, are they not afraid that people will lose all their property? One reason is that the gambling industry is too profitable. It is often said that nine out of ten gambling losses, the gambler’s point of view only 10% chance of winning money, but the dealer’s or operator’s point of view becomes 90% chance of winning money. Although it makes sense for gamblers to pay for the thrilling experience of gambling, who can refuse such a near-uncapped way of earning income? The second reason is that in fact, as long as the correct gambling mindset and keep Responsible Gambling, the situation of losing money is basically impossible to happen, but also to experience the exciting entertainment, now let’s talk about what the correct mindset of gambling really is.

 Responsible Gambling : Gambling mindset establishment

Losing less and winning more

Imagine you are digging a well and you are working hard every day to dig down. As you put in more and more effort, the thought “I’m almost there” will unconsciously arise, but such thoughts must be avoided. If you keep thinking “I’m going to win it back” when gambling, you will usually lose more and more because it will cause you to bet blindly and get deeper and deeper into an endless cycle of losing money.

So what is the right way to look at it when gambling? Perhaps you can try to assume that you are gambling for fun. Too much focus on the outflow and entry of money can create a huge amount of psychological pressure and blind betting can begin to occur. In addition to the establishment of the mindset, the way of betting is also important. When losing money, you should reduce the amount of bets and observe the situation to recover the losses with less psychological pressure. When you are winning, you can increase your betting money to roll out higher earnings and get more excitement. Always admonish yourself for the concept of losing less and winning more, so that you can not only reduce your losses, but also really get pleasure from gambling.

 Responsible Gambling : Gambling mindset establishment-2

Set a time frame for play, total cost of play today and enforce it completely

The most important thing to avoid in gambling is addiction and endless betting, so it’s important to make a few rules for yourself. Gambling is a entertainment and you can’t let an entertainment control you. The two standards must be enforced, both in terms of time spent playing and total cost. These standards can be mutually binding when you lose money, even if the money lost is less than the total cost, but stopping when the time limit is up will allow you to lose less, and vice versa. Perhaps many people will think that they win to continue to extend the time or increase the cost, when the lucky hand certainly may bring higher income. However, as mentioned earlier, nine out of ten gambling losses result in a higher chance of losing your winnings. To sum up, you need to be able to control your gambling behavior on your own, rather than changing your plans because you win or lose, just as the front says you can’t let entertainment control your behavior.

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