Paris 3-1 Montpellier, Messi surpasses Ronaldo’s record with 1 goal

Heracles Athletics, reported on 2nd February. Paris Saint-Germain visited Stade de Maussan in the 21st round of Ligue 1 early this morning, Philippine time, Paris launched a fierce attack in the first half but three goals were cancelled until the 55th minute when Ruiz took the lead, Messi scored another goal in the second half, Montpellier Nordin recovered one point and extended the score in extra time by Zaire Emery, Paris took the victory 3-1 and continued to lead Ligue 1. This game Messi surpassed Ronaldo’s goal record, Mbappe lost the point early injury.

Heracles Athletics,Paris 3-1 Montpellier, Messi surpasses Ronaldo's record with 1 goal

Heracles Athletics: Paris 3-1 Montpellier, Messi surpasses Ronaldo’s record with 1 goal

In this match, the visiting team Paris held 67% of possession in the whole match, and even came to 70% at half time, with a 90% passing success rate and 19 shots, 8 shots on goal and 3 goals in 163 attacks; the home team Montpellier’s passing success rate was only 75%, with only 6 shots, 3 shots on goal and 1 goal in 72 attacks.

From the data alone, the conversion rate of the two sides is not far from each other, but the threat of the goal of the big Paris team is definitely greater, which is the reason why the visiting team can win, of course, there is no lack of Messi’s needle behind.

Heracles Athletics,Paris 3-1 Montpellier, Messi surpasses Ronaldo's record with 1 goal-2

Paris trident this round, only Messi and Mbappe as a double striker, Neymar is missing due to injury, Kim Pembe and Mukailaiin rest, Verratti was suspended. The opening 7 minutes, Ramos was pulled down to get the point, Mbappe first shot misses the penalty, because the VAR indicated that Le Conte early feet left the goal line, ruled to re-punish the penalty, Mbappe feet were pounced on the door frame rebound, and again to make up for the empty goal kicked away, three consecutive missed penalties to Mbappe very embarrassing, in the 21st minute early injury, Ekitiq came on as a substitute.

In the 47th minute, Messi hit the side netting with a shot from the box, and five minutes later Ashraf took a world-beater shot from the right side, but it was ruled out for Ruiz’s offside. Three minutes later, the Parisians were not finished yet, as they strung together an attacking chain in front of the net, and Vitinha sent a direct pass to Ashraf, whose shot was blocked, followed by Ekitiuk, who swung to the left and away from the goalkeeper, and Ruiz, who scored the first goal for Paris.

In the 72nd minute of the second half, Ruiz found Messi with a direct pass from the top of the box, and Messi easily scored a 2-0 goal with one pass and one shot. In the 89th minute, Nordin shot into the bottom left corner of the goal from the box, Montpellier pulled one back. In the first minute of extra time, Zaïre Emery burst into the box and shot the ball through the crotch to get his first goal, and Paris finally beat Montpellier by 3-1.

According to Heracles Athletics news, today is not Mbappe’s day, after experiencing three consecutive penalty kicks did not score, even in the opening 20 minutes of the game was pushed down pad, early injury from the field, let people very worried about him.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022, Paris 3-1 Montpellier, Messi surpasses Ronaldo's record with 1 goal-3

But this game Paris relies on Messi to master the ball, midfield Ruiz and Zaire Emery’s active attack, continue to lead the Ligue 1 no suspense. And Messi scored the key 2nd goal at the same time is his 697th goal in the five leagues, has surpassed Ronaldo a goal, in today’s football, Messi is undoubtedly the world’s first person.

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