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Netherlands vs Argentina preview, watch the Pampas Eagles continue to soar-Allin88 world cup 2022

Allin88 world cup 2022, December 8, foreign news. Qatar World Cup into the watery stage of the last 8, coming on December 10 at 3:00 am is the Orange Army Netherlands and the Pampas Eagles Argentina, Dutch boss Van Gaal has issued a war post before the game: “We have an old score to settle with Argentina.” The Argentinean youngster Alvarez is holding the belief that “every game is a final” and is confident of advancing to the quarterfinals. However, the recent state of the Netherlands has a growing trend, Argentina can survive this hurdle to help boost morale, this 50-50 game, it is likely to play into overtime, who can laugh until the end is the winner.

Allin88 world cup 2022: Netherlands vs Argentina preview, watch the Pampas Eagles continue to soar

Allin88 world cup 2022: Netherlands vs Argentina preview, watch the Pampas Eagles continue to soar

The Netherlands and Argentina have met nine times in the history of the World Cup, with Argentina having the slight edge with three wins, four draws and two losses, and three knockout matches with two wins and one loss by the Blue and Whites, to which the Netherlands owes part of its title of uncrowned champion. The last time the two sides met was in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and after a 120-minute stalemate, the Pampas Eagles took a 4-2 victory on penalties to keep the Netherlands out of the tournament for the second time, which is why manager Louis van Gaal said there was a score to settle.

Speaking of the lineup, Argentina’s recent situation is not particularly top, although the front line has Lionel Messi sitting in the key moments can still come out to save the day, but Lautaro’s performance in the first round of the group stage is really unstable, this time all rely on the little Alvarez as the main attacker, the two combined to score five goals, Argentina in the last four games can brush an average of 5.8 corner kicks, in creating offensive opportunities or the upper hand. But the current little spider is still unable to completely replace Lautaro, if he can return to form in time, the blue and white army’s chances of winning will be much higher.

According to Allin88 world cup 2022, the Netherlands is in good shape recently, the manager Van Gaal’s defensive counter-attack strategy is very effective, although the Orange Army has a strong back and center of Van Dyke, the group stage and 1/8 finals were only scored 2 goals, and there are 2 shutout opponents, but the front line lack of attackers who can decide the game, pragmatic defense and counter-attack combined with the opportunity to attack, will be the main axis of the Netherlands.

To sum up, this game seems to be a 50/50 situation, who can break through zero points first can take the lead, expect the two teams can end the game in 90 minutes, look forward to the Pampas Eagles continue to soar.

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