NBA,Wade: Did anyone really take it seriously? That LeBron said in 2010

NBA. In the summer of 2010, LeBron made the world-shaking “Decision” on television, proclaiming his intention to take his talents to South Beach, Miami, and form a Big Three with his peers Wade and Bosh.

NBA, Wade: Did anyone really take it seriously? That LeBron said in 2010

With great confidence, LeBron declared at a press conference that he would lead the Heat to championships: “Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7.” The Big Three of that era was young and powerful, making it to the NBA Finals 4 consecutive years after coming together and winning 2 championships. However, LeBron failed to fulfill his promise of a “championship dynasty” as he had originally envisioned.

NBA. Wade: Did anyone really take it seriously? That LeBron said in 2010

This statement became a subject of ridicule among many fans after he left Miami. Recently, Wade mentioned this in a show, jokingly saying, “I never really took it seriously; did anyone actually take it seriously? We were just having a celebration event, and there were many fans in front of us. We never said we would win 7 straight championships.”

Regarding LeBron’s decision to leave Miami after the 2014 NBA Finals, Wade admitted that he was somewhat upset at the time: “Was I a bit angry deep down? Yes. I’m human, and I didn’t want to lose the greatest player in the game. Why were we losing him? I gave up my superstar status to let you join and help lead us. I thought he would never go back to playing in Cleveland. But later on, I realized that such choices were not about the Cavaliers; it depended on LeBron and his family’s view of his career.”

In the end, Wade offered his best wishes, saying, “Brother, wherever you go, you can win. If you stay, we will win; if you go back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers will win. Ultimately, you always have to make the best choice for yourself. If you want my blessing, then you have it.” LeBron returned to his hometown with championship experience, leading his team to the NBA Finals for four consecutive years and winning the franchise’s first championship in 2016.

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