NBA predictions tomorrow : Report about rookies in NBA Summer League

NBA predictions tomorrow : Report of NBA Summer League

NBA predictions tomorrow, during the NBA offseason, the Summer League also garners significant attention.

Apart from witnessing the standout performance of this year’s hottest prospect, Wembanyama, the focus is also on the rookies who have undergone a year of training, muscle-building, and conditioning to participate in the Summer League. This year’s Summer League has been as exciting as the playoffs, and this report will provide an overview of the rookies’ performances.

First and foremost, it’s essential to caution the fans and viewers who support these rookies. This report solely analyzes their performance in the Summer League and does not necessarily represent how they will perform in the NBA in the future. While the Summer League provides some reference value, it cannot predict the rookies’ entire careers.

Some players may continue to improve, some may experience a sudden breakthrough, and others may disappoint despite high expectations. So, please approach this analysis with a rational mindset, and let’s cultivate a healthy and rational basketball culture together!

NBA predictions tomorrow : Report about rookies in NBA Summer League

Chet Holmgren

Personally, I believe Chet Holmgren has a bright future ahead. Last season, he entered the NBA with great honor as the third overall pick, but his slender physique led to an injury during a scrimmage, and he declared a season-ending absence, disappointing many fans who were eager to see him play. However, once Holmgren realized his physical limitations, he diligently underwent training and gained muscle mass.

Reports indicate that Holmgren successfully gained 13 pounds (approximately 6 kilograms), visibly making him “bulkier.” His improved physique showed promising results in the Summer League, enhancing his already excellent shot-blocking abilities and signature block shots. His body’s physicality under the basket has visibly grown, further elevating his defensive prowess. While Holmgren’s strengths have remained unchanged, his defensive skills are genuinely outstanding.

As for whether he can handle the intense physicality in the NBA, I believe Holmgren shouldn’t face significant problems, but continued muscle growth will be essential. Holmgren has always been known for his ability to both attack and defend, and his height and ball-handling skills set him apart. In the Summer League, his moves and cuts appear stable, but he still needs to work on his shot selection and precision. Currently, his signature move is the fake followed by a cut-in, which is executed cleanly and efficiently.

Although it may not be a flashy playing style, it retains a certain level of entertainment value. However, I have some concerns about his offense in the NBA. Will Holmgren’s preferred cut-in style work against the high-intensity defenses, and does he possess any unique features in his three-point shooting? Overall, Holmgren’s performance in the Summer League is commendable, and his future is promising. Let’s hope he continues to progress.

Brandon Miller

Miller’s situation is quite different from Holmgren’s. As the second overall pick selected by Michael Jordan, fans who follow the NBA are well aware of Jordan’s reputation for selecting players who do not necessarily excel in the NBA. As one of the owners of the Hornets, Jordan’s years in office have not significantly improved the team’s performance through draft picks. Hence, Miller has always faced skepticism.

In the Summer League, Miller’s performance has been somewhat “lacking,” which raises concerns. His current performance falls short of his pre-draft evaluation. After all, he is often compared to Paul George, but his shooting accuracy is far from George’s level. Besides his low shooting percentage, Miller also tends to make traveling mistakes. Overall, Miller’s all-around skills need substantial improvement. He needs to work on both offense and defense, and his off-ball ability is also in need of enhancement.

In the game against the Warriors, he managed to deliver seven assists, seemingly indicating decent court vision. However, his basketball IQ is not particularly remarkable, and sometimes he fails to respond when opponents have figured out the team’s tactics, continuing to pass the ball to teammates. Considering his shot selection and on-court decision-making, the second overall pick’s Summer League performance is indeed underwhelming. Hopefully, after the Summer League, he will reflect on his weaknesses and work on improving all aspects of his game.

Nevertheless, I do not completely dismiss Miller, as although his offensive performance has been subpar, it is evident that his footwork and form are excellent. I believe he will regain his shooting touch after the Summer League, adapting to different levels of play and delivering impressive performances.

NBA predictions tomorrow : Report about rookies in NBA Summer League

Scott Henderson

Lastly, let’s talk about Henderson, who is in the same tier as Wen Ban-Yama. It’s well known that this year is a big year for the NBA draft, and if it weren’t for Wen Ban-Yama’s exceptional talent, many fans would consider the other top three picks to have the potential to be the top pick. In the Summer League, Henderson’s performance has been satisfying. He has mastered the pace and intensity of the games, and even though he had to leave the court due to a shoulder injury, his playing time was enough to gauge his level of intensity.

Firstly, Henderson demonstrates impressive strength in physical confrontations, easily powering through opponents for layups, even drawing fouls. Furthermore, his shooting ability after screens is on point. Perhaps the training in the G-League has honed his skills in this aspect, and compared to opponents playing in the same position, Henderson visibly stands a cut above. His three-point and mid-range shooting after screens have been dominant and consistent so far, and his footwork is excellent. If Henderson maintains this level of performance and continues to improve, I believe he will be an imposing force on the NBA court in the future.

NBA predictions tomorrow : Report about rookies in NBA Summer League

Lastly, let’s discuss Henderson’s off-ball abilities. His passing vision is decent, and he reads the opponent’s defense well, indicating a certain level of basketball IQ. His potential for further growth in this area is also worth anticipating. I believe that starting from the next season, he will undoubtedly be on the Trail Blazers’ starting lineup.

In conclusion, after observing the performances of the top three rookies in this Summer League, I personally believe that the NBA has shown some improvement. Many people used to discuss when they started losing interest in the NBA, and one of the major reasons was the retirement of their favorite stars, which resulted in a lack of motivation to follow the NBA when there were no players they loved on the court. Another reason was that the NBA seemed less entertaining.

The article mentioned, “In the past, there were many physical confrontations during the era of centers, and everyone needed to prove themselves to earn a top salary contract. One could easily tell who the true champions were. However, since the small ball era started, the game has gradually lost its attractiveness. Both physical confrontations under the basket and tactical operations are not as impressive as before.”


A minority of people criticize NBA referees as the biggest problem, but they are like a higher authority in law, and no one can challenge them. Even the league superstars cannot change the referees’ sometimes dubious calls. With that said, I’m genuinely happy to see the NBA’s recent news of record-high viewership, indicating that basketball culture has resonated with the public once again.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the rookies or the increasing number of European players in recent years, but the NBA, as a commercial league, has certainly become more international and profitable. There have been rumors about a future All-Star game featuring a matchup between a European team and a USA team, and personally, I think this

would be a brand-new and exciting format. Although I believe the European team would likely outclass the USA team, the American team’s strength should not be underestimated. If this format materializes, I’m genuinely excited, and I wonder how readers feel about it. What are your thoughts on the performances of the rookies in this Summer League? Let’s look forward to the upcoming season together!

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