NBA prediction of western conference 

The NBA playoffs have come to the second round. In the last NBA prediction of eastern conference, we analyzed the current situation of the eastern teams and predicted the championship team of the eastern region. Today, we shift our focus to the Western Conference. The Nuggets, led by Jokic, are also facing off against the Suns. Although the previous article mentioned that the NBA Eastern Conference is stronger then the Western Conference this season, the Western Conference is definitely not weaker than the Eastern Conference in terms of the intensity of the 2nd round battles so far. So who will win the war between the Lakers and the Warriors, and will the Nuggets be able to withstand the onslaught of Booker and Durant two top scorers?  Even if they are not favored, does the team that wins the Western Conference have a chance to battle the Eastern Conference champions? This NBA prediction of western conference will analyze the current situation of the Western Conference. 

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NBA prediction:Warriors vs Lakers

The matchup between LeBron and Curry is the most popular series among the fans, as LeBron and AD dominate the rim, while Curry and Kaly are two of the most feared 3pm shooters in the NBA. The above mentioned 4 players are the top players in the NBA, and all 4 are top in their respective fields. On the strengths and weaknesses they are certainly not comparable. LeBron and Curry are both capable of playing well in every game, and AD can’t seem to play two great games in a row so far. Kaly can be amazing once in a while, but that’s too rare. the Warriors and Lakers each have good players other than their 4 superstars. But the Warriors have few players who can help Curry when he is targeted defensively. On the contrary, the Lakers have players like Reaves and DLO who have the ability to score on their own. With LeBron’s years of experience playing against Curry, the Lakers must have a way to limit Curry’s play. The Warriors, however, have no one who can cause much trouble for LeBron and AD. The main thing is that the Warriors players are not big enough. So I think the Lakers can beat the Warriors to advance to the Western Conference championship game.

NBA prediction:Warriors vs Lakers

NBA prediction:Suns vs Nuggets

The series ended today, and Jokic managed to lead his team to eliminate the Suns. Booker and Durant were clearly running out of energy, as their shooting percentages both dropped dramatically in G6.  The Suns really traded away too many great role players to get KD. The Suns really traded away too many good role players to get KD. Every game in the playoffs has to rely on the play of Booker and KD. These two also managed to carry the team until the second round G6, but unfortunately they are really tired. On the contrary, the Jokic-led Nuggets always felt like they were playing with ease. The Suns should have been eliminated as everyone expected, and it happened.

NBA prediction:Suns vs Nuggets

NBA prediction:Lakers vs Nuggets

If the Lakers do beat the Warriors to advance to the Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets. What will be the outcome of their series? The Lakers’ biggest advantage is their full strength in the rim area. AD match up with Jokic is crucial, but I think Jokic will have the advantage. With rim dominated by Jokic the Lakers will try to shoot more, and the Lakers are very unstable from 3. The most scary thing about Jokic is his all-around ability. If double-team him that Murry, MPJ and other shooters will have better space to shoot. If you don’t devote defensive resources to him, then his scoring ability is also top of the line. Based on the above analysis I think the Nuggets will win and advance to the NBA Final. The Lakers must improve their 3-point efficiency if they want to advance. Based on the first few games they don’t have a chance to achieve the miracle of making 4 games of good 3-pointers.

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