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NBA odds today:Color Theory for a Championship Team

NBA odds today, introduction:
To subscribe or not to subscribe? Have you ever hesitated while looking at this image? Do you feel the urge to click on that tempting yellow “Subscribe” box? Well, let me explain this phenomenon to you.

NBA odds today:Color Theory for a Championship Team

NBA odds today:Color Theory for a Championship Team

Besides being a die-hard NBA fan, you’re falling for the tricks of design. This image conceals layout tactics, and even more importantly, it holds the immense secret of color harmony employed by designers. Surprisingly, this secret can also be applied to the team-building strategies of NBA teams. So, what’s this secret? Keep reading to find out.

NBA odds today:Color Theory for a Championship Team

Do you still remember the Oracle Arena, where the Warriors played a few years ago? Whether your memories of it are heartwarming or frustrating, it’s a stadium filled with nostalgia. Can you instantly picture how it looked? If not, that’s okay, let me jog your memory with an image.

In fact, the logic behind this stadium design is similar to that of the League Pass webpage design. Both employ the same design principle: the 60-30-10 rule, a color harmony known as the Golden Ratio of color composition.

What is the 60-30-10 rule?

It’s a color concept widely used by designers today. The 60 represents 60% of the color scheme on a canvas. This 60% typically consists of serene colors, like gray, beige, or white, creating a large area of mild tones that offer comfort. Unless there’s a specific visual effect you want to emphasize, neutral tones are usually the suitable choice. You’ve probably guessed what the 30 represents, right? This 30% is usually a color that complements the main color, a secondary color that goes well with the primary tone.

This way, the 60-30 color scheme presents an overall atmosphere and feel. For instance, the Warriors’ home court consists mostly of yellow and the wooden tone of the floor. These two colors can be considered as the 60% according to the rule, while blue is the 30%. But why yellow and blue? The answer is simple: those are the colors of the Warriors’ logo. Once the 60% and 30% are established for the entire stadium, what follows is the final 10%, the most crucial part.

NBA odds today:Sponsors Play a Significant Role Too

In a capitalist society like the United States, what’s most important? It’s the sponsors, of course. Look at the Oracle logo with a red background. Although the logo occupies only a small portion of the court, it uses the most striking and prominent color, effectively showcasing the characteristics of the 10%.

This means the color must be intense and highly saturated to draw attention. It’s hard not to notice it during the game, especially when Curry takes a LOGO SHOT.

What’s the Connection Between the 60-30-10 Rule and the NBA?

Don’t you think there’s a connection with team composition? Let’s take this year’s champion, the Denver Nuggets, for example. Consider who fits into the 60% and who the 30%, and finally, who the crucial 10% is.

The most crucial part is clear: the 10% undoubtedly belongs to Jokić and Jamal Murray, and one could argue it’s solely Jokić. Although Murray’s playoff performance qualifies as superstar level, who triggers a “Call To Action” from the opponents? It’s undoubtedly Jokić.

Look at how the Miami Heat in the championship series struggled to contain Jokić. However, their efforts proved futile, as no one inside could stop him from scoring. When they attempted to double-team him, he punished them with his assists.

The focus of the Heat, the 10%, was on Jokić. His mere presence affected the entire Heat’s defense and focus, just like an emphasized color. His exceptional performance, despite quietly standing in the back row during the championship photo, remains the center of discussion.

Players like Aaron Gordon, KCP, Michael Porter Jr., Bruce Brown, Jeff Green, and Christian Braun can be seen as the 30% of supporting colors. They might not be as eye-catching as emphasized colors, but without them, the composition would seem monotonous and dull, losing the high-quality color configuration.

Without them on the court, even with Jokić’s dominance, the offense would become one-dimensional, making defense easier for opponents. When supporting roles emerge, the offense becomes more threatening, and the championship contour becomes clearer and more perfect.

Players with less playing time, along with the coaching staff, even the guards and trainers, are the 60% of the championship picture, the mild neutral tones. You might not have a clear impression of these figures, but with their routine practice with the main players, the adjustments made by the trainers, and the strategic planning of the coaches, the 10+30 can showcase strong skills on the court.

Isn’t the silent contribution of the 60% important? Imagine if the primary colors were missing, leaving only the intense red; your eyes would become fatigued and uncomfortable. Therefore, the 60-30-10 Golden Ratio is indispensable.

Did you ever play with a color palette when you were a child? Some people create beautiful colors, while others end up with dull shades. However, the original pigments are the same, just like how every player or person is a color and plays an important role.

The key lies in whether the overall picture can display beauty. The composition must follow the best Golden Ratio of color arrangement. When everyone is clear about their position, content with their role, and fully showcases their value, the team will demonstrate astonishing power.

Warriors’ head coach Kerr once mentioned the traits of a championship team. Achieving a consensus on positioning and focusing on contributions might indeed be the traits of a championship team.

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