NBA odds today: Will Maverick’s New Season Be Better?

NBA odds today: Will Maverick’s New Season Be Better?

NBA odds today, while the Mavericks’ main lineup and roster from last season didn’t undergo significant changes compared to the previous two seasons, the team that had made a comeback to reach the Western Conference Finals in the prior season surprisingly failed to secure a playoff berth last season.

NBA odds today: Will Maverick’s New Season Be Better?

NBA odds today: Will Maverick’s New Season Be Better?

After undergoing adjustments and enhancements during the offseason, everyone is curious about what kind of performance the Mavericks will display in the upcoming season. Today, we will provide a brief overview of the current situation of the Mavericks.

The Mavericks’ performance last season was commendable in the league, yet they fell short of clinching a playoff spot. Similarly, fans were disappointed by the Bucks and the Celtics. The Bucks, aiming to defend their title, were eliminated in the first round after just five games, and the Celtics also stumbled in the Eastern Conference Finals, losing a crucial element in their game. Moreover, despite having the superstar Luka Dončić, the Mavericks couldn’t even step into the playoffs.

Irving and Dončić Are Not in Conflict

In this offseason, the Mavericks acquired forward Grant Williams from the Celtics through a trade and secured Irving with a three-year contract worth at least $120 million. With Irving’s retention confirmed, the Mavericks have at least partially addressed the issue of Dončić’s excessive usage.

While Dončić possesses world-class talent, his high usage rate in offensive possessions suggests that he shoulders a considerable burden when attacking, putting him at a higher risk of injury.

With Irving in the lineup, the Mavericks will have a high-caliber point guard and playmaker. Since Irving’s trade to the Mavericks in February of this year, when he and Dončić share the court, the team’s offensive efficiency reaches a remarkable 119.4 points per 100 possessions. This isn’t surprising, considering Irving’s prowess as an offensive maestro.

Last season, the Kings broke the league record for offensive efficiency per possession, yet both Irving and Dončić together have even higher offensive efficiency than the entire Kings team, underscoring the remarkable effectiveness of their combined scoring.

However, this offensive combination doesn’t imply that the team has no blind spots in their attack. Due to their tendencies to lean towards isolation plays, the Mavericks often struggled to capitalize on fast break opportunities in the latter part of the previous season.

Defense Will Determine the Mavericks’ Fate

In addition to improving fast break efficiency, the Mavericks ranked last in offensive rebounding and defensive rebounding statistics in the league. Both of these stars focus heavily on offense, indicating that the team’s defensive performance is not particularly strong.

Last season, the Mavericks’ defensive efficiency ranked sixth from the bottom in the league. In the previous two seasons, when the Mavericks reached the Western Conference Finals, their defensive efficiency ranked seventh in the league. In the previous season, the Mavericks committed too many fouls on defense, didn’t force many turnovers, and lacked rim protection, ranking eighth from the bottom in the league.

According to NBA odds today, by strengthening their defense with versatile player Grant Williams, the Mavericks’ defensive performance is expected to improve. Additionally, if injury-prone wing Dante Exum can contribute defensively on the court, it will be a significant boost to the Mavericks’ defense.

Defense will be the key for the Mavericks in the new season. If Irving and Dončić can stay healthy and play regularly, the team’s offensive firepower will undoubtedly be formidable. However, in the upcoming season, their success or failure will be determined by their defensive performance.

The quality of their defense will dictate whether they can surge into the league’s upper echelons and once again become contenders for the championship.

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