NBA odds today: Review of the Top 5 NBA Deals This Summer Part2

NBA odds today: Review of the Top 5 NBA Deals This Summer Part2

NBA odds today.In the previous part, we discussed three out of the 5 major trade deals. Now, let’s continue and see what the remaining two deals are! Before we delve into the main content, let’s first understand what the free agency market is and its significance and purpose.

So, before we begin this article, let’s take a look at how the free agency market operates! Firstly, the purpose of the free agency market is to strengthen, adjust, and develop young talent. This naturally brings excitement and optimism to both teams and fans, expecting a more competitive season with improved rosters. Even relatively weaker teams can use the remaining funds to fill in some role players. Overall, the free agency market is crucial and necessary for the entire league.

Once the free agency begins, all the eligible players attract attention and discussions from the public, and teams utilize their available salary cap space to strengthen their lineups. The five deals we are reviewing today are all considered “questionable” moves. Now, let’s move on to discuss the details of these five deals and the main reasons behind their perceived success or failure.

NBA odds today: Review of the Top 5 NBA Free Agency Deals This Summer Part2

NBA odds today:Lakers sign Rui Hachimura for $51 million over 3 years.

Hachimura had an impressive performance this season, gaining popularity and increased value. Besides their two star players, the Lakers’ success in making it to the playoffs was also due to outstanding performances from role players like Hachimura. During the postseason, Hachimura displayed composure, high shooting percentage, and scoring ability, with a three-point shooting rate of 48.7%. However, why is he included in the list of questionable trades? It’s because Hachimura’s performance in the regular season did not match his postseason brilliance. People mostly remember him as “Hachimura, who performed well in the playoffs” rather than the regular-season player who garnered attention.

In the 33 regular-season games for the Lakers, Hachimura had a three-point shooting rate of only 29.6%, and he scored over 20 points in a single game only once. This led many fans and even NBA veterans to wonder if Hachimura was just a one-hit-wonder, a player whose value suddenly skyrocketed but may not live up to the contract. Although retaining Hachimura, who performed well in the playoffs, might make this deal worthwhile for the Lakers, many still worry about its ultimate success or failure.

NBA odds today: Review of the Top 5 NBA Free Agency Deals This Summer Part2

Magic sign Jodie Meeks for $22 million over 2 years.

Even if you’re a basketball fan, you might not be very familiar with Jodie Meeks, at least not on the same level as a second-tier star like Brooks. Nevertheless, Meeks, as a shooter, deserves recognition. Unfortunately, during his time with the Bucks, he suffered a torn ACL and did not make a significant contribution, leading the team to list him on the market.

Although Meeks has fully recovered now, many are puzzled by the Magic’s decision to spend a total of $22 million on a role player like Meeks, especially when this move completely messed up the team’s salary cap space. As a result, they no longer have enough funds to bring in first-tier superstars. It’s safe to say that even with Chanchiro on the team, the Magic won’t be too bad, but a team consisting of only Chanchiro and Meeks certainly won’t make it to the finals.

Regarding these trade deals, I believe the public’s doubts are understandable. After all, as a professional athlete exposed to the public eye, one’s performance is judged by the numbers, which also determine the value. However, some players who receive top-dollar contracts may not perform as expected or might not perform at all, which can be a major headache and disappointment for fans and teams. Hopefully, all these top five trade deals will turn out to be successful operations, bringing the audience and fans a better and more exciting season. Let’s look forward to the new season together!

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