NBA News:Walker saved the Lakers G4, Curry triple double but still lost

Today’s NBA News:The Warriors visited the Lakers in the 2nd round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs. The Warriors and Lakers attracted the attention of the world. This game also responds to the outside world’s expectation of a great deal of excitement. There was the battle between Curry and James. Ronnie Walker’s late quarter stands out, and Wiggins’ perfect point control. Davis did not continue the block king performance but also gave up 3 steals in this game. The Lakers relied on the excellent performance of the bench wizard Ronnie Walker’s 15 points in a single quarter at the end of the game, narrowly defeating the Warriors 104-101. Curry not only lost the game with three double, but also let the Lakers get the series point advantage.

NBA News:Walker saved the Lakers G4, Curry triple double but still lost

Warriors vs Lakers First half

The first quarter of the game, the Lakers do not feel well, the team hit only 34% and lose all 4 shots from 3-point range. Fortunately, they can still impact the rim to create fouls. But the Warriors also showed their determination not to lose the game, the early part of the first quarter hit a 8-0  to open the game. The Lakers rebounded strongly and returned with a 10-0 run to take the lead. In the second quarter, the Lakers’ feeling returned, but the Warriors still maintained a steady efficiency. The role of Curry is quite important. Although not the explosive scoring in the 7th game against the Kings, he played a fairly comprehensive performance. Actively grabbing rebounds and passing out assists laid the foundation for this game’s triple-double. In the second quarter, Curry scored 14 points in a single quarter, but at the same time, AD also scored 13 points in a single quarter. The visitors led by Curry 52-49 lead.

Warriors vs Lakers Second half

The second half opened with Warriors Thompson and Payton scoring to pull away  the score. However,  James and Reaves teamed up to pull out a 10-0 run to directly overtake. Then it was the Warriors’ turn to explode. Payton 7 points led a 16-2 run to overtake and open the gap to double digits. But the Lakers came back to life later in the quarter, and James led the team to a 10-2 run to close the gap. The third quarter ended with the Warriors leading 77-84. The Lakers bench Ronnie Walker suddenly jumped out at the end of the game. The first three quarters were scoreless and he exploded in the fourth quarter to score 15 points. The home team opened the final quarter with a 9-0 run to take the lead. However, the Warriors took the lead again with Curry’s organization. But on the contrary, Warriors only Curry one-man stand, the Lakers James together with Walker in the last 3 minutes to play 8-2 offense. And the home team used excellent defense to keep the Warriors from having many chances to tie the game. Finally Warriors missed the opportunity of overtime with 2 turnovers and 101-104 Lakers gained the match point.

NBA News 3-1 Lakers almost win the series

3-1 Lakers almost win the series

Lebron’s ease in switching roles was evident in this game. The fourth quarter was a breakout game for Walker as LeBron gave the ball to the best player on the team, while AD and Schroder continued to disrupt shots on the defensive . Klay and Poole were very bad intros game. The Warriors scored only 17 points in the fourth quarter at the end of the game. The Lakers have come all the way from a bad start in the season to almost eliminating the Warriors at 3-1. Not only did the trade work out, but the great play of LeBron and AD can’t be ignored. This may be his last chance to lead the team to compete for the championship. I hope this great player can win the championship again to put a perfect end to his legendary career.

Warriors Curry did his best to get 31 + 10 + 14 plus 3 steals triple-double, and the score was also the highest in the game. Wiggins, the perfect control point control man, once again held the scoring to 17 points. Payton 15 points. Lakers James 27 + 9 + 6. AD 23 + 15 plus 3 steals. Reaves 21 points. Walker 15 points. Schroder only scored 10 points but had the highest plus/minus of +14. DLO and Klay played badly. Curry was all-powerful but had no help. The Lakers have 3 people scoring to 20 +. The key last quarter and jumped out with Walker. Lakers team play better to take the point is not a surprise.

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