NBA expert picks : What’s wrong with James Harden and 76ers?

NBA expert picks : What’s wrong with James Harden and 76ers?

NBA expert picks. Previously, James Harden, who took a selfless pay cut last year to stay with the team, is now facing a betrayal by the organization this year. PJ Tucker shows support: “I won’t play games with my brother.

NBA expert picks : What’s wrong with James Harden and 76ers?

NBA expert picks : What’s wrong with James Harden and 76ers?

Harden feels deceived by the 76ers.

Back to last year, Philadelphia 76ers’ bearded star, Harden, recently unleashed a series of critical remarks, slamming the team’s executive, Morey, as a deceiver. He had voluntarily reduced his salary last offseason to create cap space for the team, but now, as he approaches retirement age, the franchise is reluctant to offer a substantial contract. This move has sparked a major controversy. Meanwhile, the team’s core player, Embiid, removed references to “Philly” from his personal social media, while Tucker took to his own social media to show support for Harden.

What happened between Harden and 76ers?

Last year, Harden made a selfless decision to lower his salary and sign a 2-year, $68.6 million contract (with a player option for the second year) to assist the 76ers in acquiring Tucker and allow more flexibility in their operations. However, the situation has changed this year. Harden and the 76ers failed to reach an agreement on renewal. Approaching retirement, Harden needed a lucrative contract to secure his future. However, it’s evident that Morey, who benefited from the previous arrangement, did not prioritize Harden’s future. As a result, Harden chose to exercise his player option and expressed a desire to be traded.

NBA expert picks : The beginning of the rift.

Earlier, there were rumors that the Clippers showed interest in Harden, but the two sides ultimately couldn’t come to a consensus on the trade. Recently, the 76ers announced the suspension of trade discussions with Harden. This news seemed to irk Harden, who openly denounced Morey as a deceiver on social media and emphatically stated twice during his visit to China that he would not play for the 76ers again.

Meanwhile, Tucker demonstrated unwavering support for Harden through action. Not only did he share a photo of himself with Harden, but he also explicitly stated, “I won’t play games, and I won’t mess with my brother.” This statement undoubtedly conveys his loyalty and deep friendship for Harden.

According to NBA expert picks, it’s worth noting that Tucker and Harden had previously played together on the Rockets for many years, sharing experiences in 40 playoff games. However, in the 2020-2021 season, Harden requested a trade from the Rockets and was eventually sent to the Nets.

Tucker was also traded to the Bucks afterward and won a championship with the team. Their friendship and understanding were a beautiful sight on the basketball court. As for the Sixers’ star player, Embiid, he recently removed references to “Philly” from his personal social media. It is believed that the 76ers will face turbulent times ahead of the season. Best wishes to Harden and Embiid as they pursue their desired destinations.

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