NBA expert picks : The rise of a role player—Austin Reeves

NBA expert picks, An NBA team needs the support of the super star, but the role of the players is also essential. According to the NBA expert picks, many role players choose to spend their careers on the bench because they don’t get as much attention as the star but get paid more than the average office worker.

However, the Lakers have a player who starts from the bench, he names Austin Reeves, repeatedly create good performance to lead the Lakers all the way to overcome all the opponent. Before March in 2023, Austin Reeves is still an unknown and normal player. Why wouldn’t he choose to spend his career comfortably on the bench like other players? How did he rise? Does he have the ability to play from the bench to the starting lineup? We have a lot of curiosity and expectations for this future star, so let’s take a look the story about Austin Reeves.

NBA expert picks : High priority on physical health

Reeves is aged 27. He was born in 1998 in Newark, Arkansas, USA. Although there was no lack of support from family and friends during the growth process of Reeves, no one would like to believe that Reeves will be drafted in the NBA one day. During his high school and college years, Reeves did not have good opportunities and was not able to enter a well-known school either. He eventually had to enter a college called Wichita State University in Kansas to spend his student life.

NBA expert picks-Jump at the chance! The rise of a role player—Austin Reeves

NBA expert picks : Reeves’ opportunity came out–Brugger

In Reeves’ senior year, he transferred to a more reputable school than Wichita State, the University of Oklahoma. This opportunity that led Reeves to meet the basketball coach who would change his life, named Brugger. As a coach, Brugger have a social status and experience for many years, he repeatedly encouraged and affirmed Reeves who was not confident in his own strength, tell Reeves that he could definitely become an NBA player if he was willing to work hard.

Although Reeves knew that no one would support him to enter the NBA, he did not give up in these years, with the help of his coach, Reeves developed a hard-working personality, which also made him as a player without negative comments afterwards. As a result, Reeves attend the 2022 draft with coach’s support and expectation.

NBA expert picks-Jump at the chance! The rise of a role player—Austin Reeves

Reeves lost in the draft, but he still did not give up

Reeves didn’t get any teams in the 2021 draft as expected. However, Reeves wasn’t discouraged by this, he joined the Lakers’ summer league team for practice. The Summer League is the most appropriate practice competition for NBA teams looking to develop a different roster each summer than they did in the regular season, the roster will contain a large number of rookies and sophomores, as well as free agents that the team needs to scout and are unsigned.

Although Reeves’ performance was moderate and not particularly outstanding in the summer league. Talk about the offensive or defensive, Reeves always tries to do his best and never slacks off. Eventually, Lakers executives saw Reeves’ efforts, decided to offer him a two-way contract, contract allows Reeves to participate competition and practice between the NBA and summer leagues without restrictions.

NBA expert picks-Jump at the chance! The rise of a role player—Austin Reeves

Starting with the Lakers’ rotation

Despite the frustrating results of the draft, Reeves was not affected in any way. Then, Reeves showed a superb performance in a practice session, his teammates, coaches were surprised at that time. This also worked to get Reeves on the Lakers’ regular season roster and gradually became a regular part of the rotation. Although Reeves as a fallen rookie, he always do his best on the field, not afraid of physical confrontation. It makes the coach of Lakers was as sure Reeves’s ability as Brugger. The Lakers coach believes that Reeves has a strong mentally, let Reeves rotate at key moments for many times, he believing in Reeves can overcome the challenge in the end.

Reeves also lived up to his coach’s expectations, doing his best to help his teammates on the court by making blocks and creating opportunities for his teammates. Also, Reeves is good at creating fouls and has a 77.1 percent shooting output from behind the basket, which makes him more and more reliable on the Lakers. On every accidental miss by Reeves, Russell Westbrook as a senior and a good friend, also encouraged Reeves at all times. He told Reeves to stay positive and do not be afraid to take a shot even after a defeat, as long as he keeps working hard and practicing, he will be able to overcome the present difficulties one day.

NBA expert picks-Jump at the chance! The rise of a role player—Austin Reeves

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

When Lakers superstar LeBron James announced that he was off to recuperate from injury, Reeves’s playing time got huge increase. Reeves seized this opportunity tightly, he made 9 of 14 shots from the field, 16 of 18 free throws, 35 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in the game against team magic on the 19th of March. This statistic not only stunned everyone on the court, but also was not far from the usual statistic of Davis, the team’s main forward. Reeves finally made a name for himself after this day and became a popular player that all teams will be fighting for.

After that day, Reeves made a double-double with 25 points and 11 assists, 6 of 10 shooting and four rebounds against the Suns on the 23rd of March. Reeves’ superb performance also earned him the glory of the crowd yelling MVP in that game. Although Reeves did not really win the MVP awards, he had clearly played a performance as MVP level and continues his overall evolution. After the game, the statistics showed that Reeves helped net 18 points on the court, he also became the Lakers’ highest efficiency player on the team.

Continue to shine his light, and be a legendary

Reeves never gave up on his dreams of basketball, and continued to work hard to be a better player. Maybe it was his personality or the coach who is the only one to believe in him when he was a student, Reeves has the strength to keep moving forward. There is no lack of role players in the NBA, but Reeves has maximized the value of role players and knows how to seize the opportunity to show what he got. Reeves will definitely be one of the player that other teams will be fighting for in next season. Good luck to Reeves who can continue to shine his light, and be a starting line in the NBA.

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