NBA expert picks: The formula for the championship

NBA expert picks: The formula for the championship

NBA expert picks. In the world of the NBA, the most important career milestone for a player is to win a championship. In the world of the NBA, the most important career milestone for a player is to win a championship.

NBA expert picks: The formula for the championship

If you look at the NBA championship winning teams in recent years, you can find some formula which players in their lineup were raised by their own teams. You can look for a superstar to form a fantasy team like Kevin Durant, despite being that superstar is himself. However, a kind of this behavior is not fully recognized by the public, and has led to the Denver Nuggets winning a championship in this year on the strength of their roster becoming a super incredible thing.

Although the Warriors can create a Warriors dynasty is certainly not without Durant, but there will not be any fans think that the core of the Warriors is Durant, right? You ask a random soccer fan will say that the core of the Warriors is Curry, and Curry is the core of the Warriors’ lineup, and not the player who played well in other teams, then Warriors hired Curry with a lot of money.

NBA in 2016 occurred in a number of big events, accompanying the author through childhood superstar Kobe retired, record-breaking take the season 73 wins of the warriors were James in the championship game reversed, 73 consecutive wins of the warriors completely become the poster background, and wrecked their James although he had brought talent to Miami, but his bones are still Akron single-handedly cultivated the strongest first-grader of all times, James also finally fulfilled his promise after the Knight won the championship.

Who would have thought that the second-round rookie the Nuggets drafted into the league at the time could now become that ace that slaughtered the league. Likewise, Jokic is a superstar raised by Coach Malone.At that time, Jokic even played the double tower combination with Nurkic in the Nuggets, but the smart coach Malone decisively let Jokic become the ultimate core of the team, and we all know the story after that.

As you can see by the above examples, how teams develop the rookies they draft into superstars is a crucial subject. LeBron, as a first-rounder, has himself said that he is an eternal diamond in the rough. Our second-round rookies are a different story, and the Nuggets’ had a good luck in the lottery combined with Coach Malone’s unique vision that can create such a powerful superstar like Jokic.

Another formula for winning a championship is mentioned here. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, no team can create a luxury roster like the Warriors’ dynasty.To form a team lineup of 3 superstars must also carry a lot of restrictions, resulting in a relative lack of depth in both the bench and the starting lineup.

The lineup that has the best chance of winning a championship today is a superstar with a great two-way player and some role players to fill out the lineup with leftover salary space. Not specific enough to describe? Then look back at this year’s Nuggets and Bubble Lake, the role of superstar James and Jokic, respectively, they must be organized and offense, the defensive end can not become a hole, such a superstar can not be found.

The second-in-command are Davis and Murray, just like the Earth and the moon, the superstar and the second-in-command must always cooperate with each other, because the workload of the superstar is relatively large, the second-in-command must play their specialties to the maximum. Like the thick eyebrows of the protective frame and help defense, Murray’s outside and cut into the distribution, superstar and the second home with about 70% of the team’s strength.

Finally came to the role players, how important are these role players? We look at this year’s Suns team will know, the Suns in addition to Durant and Booker almost no longer able to consistently score candidates, and even Chris Paul can share the work of holding the ball, he also due to injury so that start his vacation early. So even though the Suns have two superstars at the top of their team, but they were eventually exhausted and eliminated by Jokic.

This year’s Nuggets won the championship because every role player did his or her job adequately, even bench players like Braun, who played at a premium. These role players can take over the game even when the leading superstar and the second-stringer are not in good shape. That’s it for the championship formula, thanks for watching.

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