NBA expert picks:Poole’s underwhelming playoff

The matchup of Lakers and warriors ushered in the fourth round, although the first two quarters of the game both sides are still intense, the end of the Warriors apparently only Curry still have the desire to attack. The final Lakers defeated by the Warriors 101-104. Especially, Jordan Poole’s score got zero, it is rumored that Poole was depressed after the game, and the atmosphere in the lounge was quite gloomy.

NBA expert picks:Poole's underwhelming playoff

Lakers led Warriors 3-1 in series after yesterday’s matchup

The Warriors looked pretty sluggish after the game. If we were to find out the biggest problem of the Warriors’ loss by playoff standards, Poole would definitely be the first candidate. Yesterday he played 10 minutes without scoring before being replaced by Kerr, which also made him guilty of scoring zero. After the match, Poole was not only attacked by a large number of fans and commentators, but even Poole himself seemed quite frustrated.

According to ⟪NBC⟫ reporter, Poole looked quite grave and turned his back on everyone after he returned to the lounge, also reluctant to be interviewed. There was also a tense atmosphere in the lounge. Afterwards, Poole turned off the music for the interview.

NBA expert picks:Poole's underwhelming playoff-2

Poole responded reluctantly in the face of reporters

When a reporter asked Poole for his thoughts on his low shooting performance in the playoffs, Poole said, “My shooting? I don’t know. If I knew I’d tell you.” The reporter then asked, “We know you have a good sense of ethics, what do you do when things don’t go right and you get flustered?” Poole was helpless after hearing this. Poole replied, “My work ethic hasn’t changed, nor has my daily training, or perhaps the opportunities have changed, and I can only control what I can control anyway.” The tone seemed rather helpless.

This phenomenon can be explained by what James shouted to his teammates before the game, James advised his teammates to avoid using social media and watching TV during the playoffs. Saying that the playoffs are the time when you play well, everyone will praise you’re the best player in the world; when you play poorly, they will call you out as if you are the team’s redundant presence. Staying away from the media is the way to keep your mind in the playoffs.

After surrendering 21 points on 7-of-15 shooting in the first round, Poole scored a total of just 11 points in the next three games, he also had 0-4 FG, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 turnovers performance in game 4, continued poor form led to substitution after 10 minutes on the field.

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Curry and Thompson have supported Poole

Curry, as the Warriors’ big brother on the team, faced with such a low Poole said, “There’s no need to isolate Poole, we have to work together to get better. In the video conference, on the bench and in the lounge are, all season we keep good communication, playoffs we are also answering such questions, he is a part of it, we are also.”

Another big brother, Thompson, also fought for Poole and turned his head to the championship backboard, saying that for the Warriors ball team, Poole is definitely one of the important pieces of the puzzle to win the championship. The importance of direct pointing to Poole has never been in doubt, and it is always easy to forget.

Players in the playoffs are prone to a lot of criticism for a small number of mistakes, which shows that the playoffs are not only a test of work ability, but also a test of psychological aspects that need to be passed in order to get through.

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