Messi’s contract renewal talk, at least another year to stay in PSG

Heracles Athletics, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) — So far in the 2022-23 season, Lionel Messi has played 21 games for Paris, contributing a total of 13 goals and 14 assists, and the winter window is about to close. The aspect of talks. In addition, there are also whispers that Messi will return to the embrace of Barcelona, but from the real side, it seems unlikely.

Heracles Athletics: Messi's contract renewal talk, at least another year to stay in PSG

Heracles Athletics: Messi’s contract renewal talk, at least another year to stay in PSG

Messi previously signed a 2+1 contract with Paris, which means that the current contract also includes a one-year option to renew the contract, and Messi can directly renew the contract for another year without signing a new one, and this meeting is also a formality, they will discuss whether they need to sign a new contract. Messi had said when he joined Big Paris that he wanted to lead the team to the Champions League, and before the goal was achieved, I’m sure the Ballon d’Or would not leave categorically.

There is no shortage of other options for Messi to renew his contract, including a move to the Sandy League and the USL, and Miami International has already released their intentions for Messi, but in his current form, it’s still a little too early to leave the big five. In addition, Messi also wants to continue to fight for Argentina, just in the 2024 Copa America, if there is an opportunity to also do not rule out the possibility of participating in the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

According to Heracles Athletics, just took the World Cup Messi will have nearly completed life goals, but he still has some promises to Big Paris has not been completed, this year is undoubtedly the closest he can lead Big Paris to take the Champions League opportunity, also take advantage of this time, Messi to continue to catch up with C Luo’s 141 goals Champions League goal record. A combination of factors, coupled with Messi’s heavy-hearted character, he will continue to stay in the big Paris.

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