Allin 88 worldcup 2022,Messi makes history again, at the age of 35 hit the first double-double in the five leagues

Messi makes history again, at the age of 35 hit the first double-double in the five leagues

According to Allin 88 worldcup 2022,the October 26th foreign news. Last season because of the new crown epidemic as well as injuries affected the state of Messi, which made the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner did not even make the list of 30 people, but are there 30 players in the world better than Messi? This season Messi once again proved the review was wrong, after tonight’s 2 goals and 2 assists super performance, Messi currently has 11 goals and 12 assists in 16 matches to become the only player in the five leagues to get double-double.

Messi makes history again, at the age of 35 hit the first double-double in the five leagues

There is a statistical shows, currently has a horrible goal efficiency Harland, even if the remaining games all get the hat trick, he still can’t surpass Messi’s single year 91 goals miracle. Messi’s shooting skills are definitely the top in history. In the first goal, Messi suddenly used the back of his left foot to roll a precise curved ball from the left side of the box with little angle, and the ball grazed the goalkeeper’s fingertips and flew into the far corner. The second goal was scored by Messi, who dazzled two defenders in quick succession and then sent the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal with a precise shot.

Messi’s 2 assists showed that his skills such as passing, stopping and shooting are also among the top in history. The Wizard of the green field lives up to his name, and in his two assists this evening, Messi first passed Neymar directly to score a single goal, and then sent a classic inverted triangle cross for Soler. Messi is a master of the best in terms of timing of passes, use of passing footwork and the big picture of the pitch. De Bruyne, the world’s No. 1 midfielder, has also said that Messi belongs to the player similar to him.

In Allin 88 worldcup 2022 opinion,Messi, who is currently 35 years old and 123 days old, has become the oldest player in the history of the Champions League with 2 goals and 2 assists. This is also Messi’s 50th game on representative of Paris, and the King has accumulated 22 goals and 27 assists, average 1 goal per game, such a performance does not look like a senior player, but we still need to cherish the King’s time running on the football field.

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