Manchester United 3-1 reversal against the Axemen, Garnacho 90 minutes key reversal

Heracles Athletics, March 2 (FNA) – The 2022-23 EFL Cup Final 8 was played out, with Red Devils Manchester United holding off West Ham United 3-1 at Old Trafford.The two sides exchanged goals in the first half, Ben Rahma was the first to break through in the second half, and West Ham United defender Egidh conceded a goal in the 77th minute, but Garnacho scored the key reversal in the 90th minute, and Fred scored another goal just four minutes later. After the match, United manager Ten Hag praised his team: “Their perseverance and belief in winning is great.”

Heracles Athletics : Manchester United 3-1 reversal against the Axemen, Garnacho 90 minutes key reversal

Heracles Athletics : Manchester United 3-1 reversal against the Axemen, Garnacho 90 minutes key reversal

In this match, the home team Manchester United had 59% possession, 83% passing success rate, 22 shots, 8 shots on goal and 2 goals in 129 attacks, while the visiting West Ham United had only 73% passing success rate, 10 shots, 7 shots on goal and 1 goal in 108 attacks.

Garnacho, Weghorst and Anthony started the game as strikers, while B fee, McTominay and Sabitzer sat in the midfield, with Casemiro and Manchester United Prince Rashford on the bench. In other words, United didn’t have to give their all to win the game, and that’s the strength of a veteran team.

In the first half, both sides exchanged attacks. In the 23rd minute, Ben Rahma sent a direct shot through Maguire and Lindelof’s defense, and Antonio shot forward but De Gea blocked it. In the 37th minute, B fee opened a free kick into the box, Maguire’s header was blocked by McTominay, and the two teams went into the locker room with 0-0.

Casemiro replaced McTominay in the 50th minute and United became more aggressive in attack. In the 54th minute, Emmerson played in a cross and Ben Rahma shot from near the penalty spot and the ball flew past De Gea into the top right corner of the goal to give West Ham United a 1-0 lead. In the 77th minute, United took a corner kick and Egidh headed an own goal to tie the game at 1-1. In the 90th minute, Weghorst’s shot was blocked in front of the big box, Garnacho added a shot to the goal, and the Red Devils overshot the score 2-1. 4 minutes later, Egde missed again and was broken by Weghorst, Fred easily broke the goal at the front edge of the big box, and the final game was won by United with 3-1 reversal.

According to the Heracles Athletics news, Manchester United just won the League Cup, but this does not affect them to continue the impact of the next trophy, Tenhag praised the players after the game: “This is not an easy victory, especially after you win the cup and celebrate must resume their work as usual, the first half we had a hard time getting into the rhythm of the game, but in the second half they came up with a response, I feel for the team Proud.” Teng also greatly appreciated the players’ belief in winning the game, and it has to be said that the strength and transformation of Manchester United all the way from the beginning of the season is unquestionable, and we can expect the Red Devils to go farther on the road to the title.

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