Manchester United 2-0 Burnley into the last 8, Rashford Eriksen built-ALLIN88 World Cup 2022

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022, December 22nd foreign news. After the World Cup in Qatar, the major leagues are going to restart one after another after a break, and the EFL Cup is the first to go. Philippine time today at 4:00 am, Manchester United in the Old Trajord to face the Championship leader Burnley, the first half Eriksen first breakthrough, Rashford in the second half of a wild 60-meter burst into the penalty area shot, the final Red Devils to 2-0 zero opponents, smoothly into the EFL Cup top 8 list.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester United 2-0 Burnley into the last 8, Rashford Eriksen built

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester United 2-0 Burnley into the last 8, Rashford Eriksen built

In this match, Manchester United had 54% of the ball, 82% passing success rate, 10 shots, 6 shots on goal and 2 goals in 92 attacks; Burnley had 84% passing success rate, 11 shots, 1 shot on goal and 0 goals in 100 attacks. Statistically, Burnley’s offensive aggressiveness is better, but the Red Devils have a higher threat to the goal and a better offensive conversion rate.

Burnley is a team relegated from the Premier League to the Championship this summer. The two sides have met four times before, with United achieving an unbeaten record of three wins and one draw, all of which were won at home. This game United’s World Cup internationals Rashford, Eriksen, B fee and Casemiro have returned to start, along with Maguire, Varane and Dalot absent.

In the first half, United started to attack hard until the 27th minute when B fee sent a long pass, Wambabika inserted the ball into the right bottom line of the box with amazing speed and turned the ball back to the middle, Eriksen arrived in time to set up a close range shot, United went down 1-0. In the 57th minute of the second half, McTominay broke the ball in the midfield, Rashford took the ball and ran wildly 60 meters into the right side of the box and shot the ball through the goalkeeper’s crotch, United finally won 2-0.

According to ALLIN88 World Cup 2022, this was United’s first game without Ronaldo, and although it was against a Championship side, the solid win proved that the team can function without Ronaldo. United’s rebuilding plan has already had a preliminary result, and I believe that after sending Ronaldo away, the Red Devils’ progress can take a more qualitative leap.

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