Manchester City cleans up Cancelo! Guardiola’s authority cannot be challenged

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022, January 31, 2023 – On the last day of the winter transfer window, Manchester City and Bayern teamed up to throw a shocking bomb, with all-round defender Cancelo about to join Bayern on loan, with a buyout clause of 70 million euros in the contract, showing Bayern’s long-term plans for Cancelo on the one hand, and Manchester City’s display of senior authority on the other.

As we all know, Blue Moon boss Guardiola has always taken a 0-tolerance attitude towards locker room problems, and with this cleaning of defensive general Cancelo, it seems that Manchester City’s locker room problems are real.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester City cleans up Cancelo! Guardiola's authority cannot be challenged

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester City cleans up Cancelo! Guardiola’s authority cannot be challenged

The 28-year-old Portuguese defender Cancelo, who came to Manchester City from Juve for 65 million euros in 2019, was simply unbeatable in the Premier League last season and was the only player to hit a number of data 50+, undoubtedly the high point of his career. Although this season’s Cancelo is still Manchester City indispensable all-round defender, but since he shoveled over Foden in a training, the two broke out a conflict, both were held down by Guardiola on the bench, in front of the Manchester City manager, either the prince or the big general are not allowed to challenge the authority.

The conditions for Guardiola to choose his lineup are just two: one is the ability of the players, and the other is whether they can get along with the dressing room. The defending EPL champion Manchester City is more than 5 points behind Arsenal in this season, under the big task of chasing points, Guardiola directly choose to freeze the players who disrupt the dressing room, it happens that Foden is also playing in a poor condition this season, and Guardiola choose to let the better performers such as Mahrez and Glalish get more playing time.

As for the love-hate relationship between Cancelo and Foden, how did it start? According to a post on the Manchester City club forum, Cancelo and Foden had a verbal altercation in the locker room and then pushed each other, thus putting their relationship on ice.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester City cleans up Cancelo! Guardiola's authority cannot be challenged-2

This is not the first time Cancelo affects the dressing room, previously in the Portuguese national team is rumored to have had a conflict with C Luo, and because of the scuffle in training and Felix outbreak of conflict, not only affect the harmony within the team, and also with the boss between the bumps, for example, Cancelo is dissatisfied with their inability to start in Manchester City, and has been playing not their own position.

According to the ALLIN88 World Cup 2022 viewpoint, this season’s Manchester City team is very unsettled, there have been rumors that there is a “mole” from the trouble, affecting the dressing room atmosphere, and now Cancelo’s loan deal also shows the determination of Guardiola and senior cleaning players, it can be said that Manchester City’s season backward part from the breakdown of the dressing room harmony, after sending Cancelo away, Guardiola has to help players to restore the past. After sending Cancelo away, Guardiola still has the difficult task of helping players to recover their past performance, including Foden, De Bruyne and Haaland, who have all fallen into a slump recently.

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