Liverpool vs Real Madrid preview, look for the Galaxy to continue the impact

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022,February 21 report. This Wednesday at 4am, we will welcome the third match day of the 22-23 Champions League round of 16, the Reds Liverpool and the Galaxy Real Madrid will play a strong showdown, the first round match at Anfield, the Reds with home advantage will certainly want to avenge the loss of last year’s Champions League final, but Liverpool’s poor form this season is afraid not to be in the next Champions League, this round matchup is very significant. Real Madrid is gradually finding its form, and if Benzema can break the goal drought, Real Madrid’s chances of winning will be greatly improved.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022:Liverpool vs Real Madrid preview, look for the Galaxy to continue the impact

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022:Liverpool vs Real Madrid preview, look for the Galaxy to continue the impact

Pre-match analysis, the two teams have met 8 times in the Champions League since 2009, by Real Madrid won 5, 1 draw and 2 losses, a win rate of 62% and the last 3 years of 4 games won 3 and 1 unbeaten record, Real Madrid can be said to have the psychological advantage. In the recent 10 matches in various lines, Liverpool’s win rate is 40%, with an average goal of 1.1 goals; Real Madrid’s win rate is as high as 70%, with an average goal of 2.3 goals, and the total number of goals conceded is 14-8, from the data, Real Madrid’s state is obviously better in both offense and defense.

Back to the team’s recent situation, after the trade of forward general Mane to Bayern, this season’s Reds can be said to be deteriorating, in the FA Cup and the EFL Cup was eliminated, and even once fell to the edge of the Premier League 10, but fortunately the recent rebound in form to get 2 consecutive wins, the current trident configuration – Pharaoh Salah, Firmino and Nunez scored a total of 21 goals, the state of the three people is the key to grab points forward line The form of the three players is the key to grabbing points. At the same time, the last 2 games can shut out the opponent, the defensive end of the performance is back to stable.

According to the news, the Galaxy Real Madrid’s recent situation has stabilized, the past 4 matches have all won, and they have won the last 5 away matches without any doubt. This season, Benzema and Vinicius have scored 18 goals in the offensive end. Vinicius scored the key winner in last year’s Champions League final to kick Liverpool away, and it is expected that he can do it again this year, while Benzema is in a 324-minute long goal drought.

According to the ALLIN88 World Cup 2022 news, Liverpool and Real Madrid’s powerhouse showdown is highly anticipated, this game can be said to be full of attractions, in addition to a duel, there is Pharaoh Salah is about to equal Drogba’s Champions League record of 44 goals, as long as he scored one more goal. As a regular winner of the Champions League and the owner of 14 Big Ears Cups, Real Madrid is in a much better position to win this match than the Reds.

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