Kaoru Mitoma’s key strike sends Brighton away from Liverpool 2-1

Heracles Athletics, Jan. 30 (FNA). Brighton beat Liverpool 2-1 at home to advance to the last 16 of the English FA Cup yesterday evening. Elliott scored first in the first half, earning Liverpool a point, and then Seagull Lamptey scored the equalizer nine minutes later. In the second half, the two sides exchanged blows but nothing was achieved. As the two sides were about to return to Anfield for a 1-1 replay, Kaoru Mitoma hit a key shot in extra time to send defending champions Liverpool packing.

Heracles Athletics: Kaoru Mitoma's key strike sends Brighton away from Liverpool 2-1

Heracles Athletics: Kaoru Mitoma’s key strike sends Brighton away from Liverpool 2-1

The hosts, Brighton, faced the Reds for the third time recently, with the first two wins and a draw. The Seagulls had 55% possession, 89% passing success rate, 13 shots on goal, 6 shots on target and 2 goals in 98 attacks, while Liverpool had 83% passing success rate, 8 shots on goal, 2 shots on target and 1 goal in 67 attacks, so in terms of attack conversion rate, Brighton was obviously more aggressive.

Salah’s shot from the right was blocked, Ferguson’s shot was also blocked by Arnold, Kaoru Mitoma’s shot from the left was met by Alisson, and Pharaoh once again pushed a single shot but failed to do so, making this game very exciting from the beginning. In the 30th minute, Keita picked out a pass in the middle, Salah burst in and shoved it diagonally, Elliott stepped forward and pushed it through, giving Liverpool a 1-0 first point. In the 39th minute, Brighton took a corner kick and Arnold’s header fell in front of Lamptey, who fired a shot at his teammate Dunk and refracted it into the net.

In the 51st minute of the second half, a foul by Garkbo brought Brighton a free kick, and Dunk took the penalty and hit a sharp elevator ball in front of the goal, but unfortunately it went off the post, and Rutgers kicked it high. Until the injury time, in the crowd thought it was coming to Anfield rematch, the Seagulls picked the ball from the right to the left, Estupian crossed back, Kaoru Mitoma used his right foot to top the ball to attract the defense, followed by a big kick successfully shot, leading Brighton to a 2-1 shutout of Liverpool, the Reds crowd even still frozen in place.

According to Heracles Athletics, Brighton won 2 and drew 1 out of 3 against Liverpool recently, and this match was especially good. Japanese international Kaoru Mitoma was like an engine that kept twitching the opponent’s eyelids throughout the game, for fear of letting him score without noticing, especially England’s main defender Arnold, who finally let Kaoru Mitoma slip through, proving Kaoru Mitoma’s value on the field. Kaoru Mitoma has 9 discs and 6 successes, 8 successes in 12 ground confrontations, 2 fouls, 4 goals and 1 assist in the last 6 games, and is expected to lead the Seagulls to go further in the FA Cup.

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