JiLiHOT Daily : Post Supporting Palestine, Mainz Player Elgazi Faces Suspension

Post Supporting Palestine, Mainz Player El Ghazi Faces Suspension

Heracles Athletics, October 20th, international news. In the face of the long-standing religious conflicts in the Israel-Palestine region, many have chosen to stay out of it. However, this conflict has brought international tensions to a boiling point, with every move capturing the world’s attention. Football stars are no exception, with Ballon d’Or winner Benzema and Bundesliga player El Ghazi, among others, expressing support for Palestine (non-extremist factions). However, their statements have been questioned by government authorities, and clubs have imposed suspensions.

Heracles Athletics : Post Supporting Palestine, Mainz Player Elgazi Faces Suspension

Heracles Athletics : Post Supporting Palestine, Mainz Player El Ghazi Faces Suspension

The Israel-Palestine conflict has garnered special attention this time. Currently, U.S. President Biden and UK Prime Minister Sunak have flown to Israel to assess the situation. France has even issued a ban on supporting pro-Palestinian demonstrations, as it is home to the largest Jewish and Muslim communities in Europe. A misstep here could lead to catastrophe. French player and Ballon d’Or winner Benzema openly voiced his support for Palestine, leading to questions from Senator Valerie. The senator pointed out that Benzema holds dual French and Nigerian citizenship, and some officials even claimed that he has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. They advocated revoking his citizenship and stripping him of his Ballon d’Or.

Another Dutch player residing in the Bundesliga, El Ghazi, recently made “unacceptable” remarks on social media regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict: “When one side cuts off the other’s water, food, and electricity, this is not war. When one side possesses nuclear weapons, this is not war. When one side receives ten billion dollars in aid, this is not war. When one side uses AI images to spread false information about the other side, this is not war; it is genocide and mass destruction… Palestine will achieve freedom.” Although the post has been deleted, Mainz Club, where Elgazi plays, could not accept his stance, and El Ghazi will face suspension from training and matches.

According to Heracles Athletics reports, Mainz Club stated, “Before making this decision, the club held in-depth discussions with the player. We respect that different perspectives exist on this complex conflict that has lasted for decades. However, the club’s values are not in line with the content on social media.” This branch of events provides a glimpse into the situation. People want to support their favored ethnicity, but from a broader perspective, making public statements may lead to more conflicts, which is why the players are facing penalties. On a macro level, most people hold anti-war sentiments. While war can be used to stop war, it also brings destruction, which is clearly not a favorable situation for the economy and livelihoods.

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