Haaland scores twice, Grealish assists on double, Guardiola appreciates

Heracles Athletics, December 29th, Foreign Affairs. The last match of the 17th round of the English Premier League was played at 4 o’clock this morning Philippine time, with Blue Moon Manchester City visiting Leeds United. Rodney opened the scoring, Haaland scored twice, Grealish assisted a double, and Struyck recovered a point that could not save the home.

Harland has scored 20 goals in the EPL this season and has no problem to hit the EPL Golden Boot. Manager Guardiola praised Harland after the game and he was also very dramatic on the sidelines during the game, playing a “let the water bottle fly”.

Heracles Athletics: Haaland scores twice, Grealish assists on double, Guardiola appreciates

Heracles Athletics: Haaland scores twice, Grealish assists on double, Guardiola appreciates

The data of this match, the possession rate of home and away is 30%-70%, the pass success rate is 73%-97%, the attack number is 74-116, Leeds United has 9 shots and 1 shot on goal, while Manchester City has 26 shots and 9 shots on goal, converting into goal conversion rate, Leeds United is more than 10%, while Manchester City has 34%, the firepower of both sides is far from each other.

In the first half, Mahrez’s goal was blocked, and Rodney’s shot was successful 1-0-. In the second half, Gralish made a pie for Harland, first attracting the goalkeeper’s attention and then passing across the left side for Harland to shoot into an empty goal, and then playing a collision with the wall to disrupt the view, and each of them scored twice.

Although all the handicappers favored Manchester City to take the game easily, the most nervous person in the whole game might be the blue moon manager Guardiola. In the premise of Manchester City 3-1 lead, Guardiola witnessed players on the sidelines wasting excellent opportunities, angry to the ground water bottle kicked, the water bottle flew to the Leeds United players bench, Guardiola alarmed at the seriousness of the situation rushed to apologize, really very cute, worthy of the expression master, basically the whole body is funny.

According to Heracles Athletics news, Guardiola said in the post-match conference: “We played good football at home in Leeds United, especially the more open second half, we performed well, Glalish gave two assists, I think he should score more goals in the future, and Harland scored two goals, could have been more, but he still brought us a lot of help. “

The Blue Moon are currently five points behind Arsenal in the Premier League table, which may be part of Guardiola’s anxiety, but Haaland has scored 20 goals in 14 games this season and believes he can lead City to better results in the second half of the season.

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