Football prediction tomorrow : Champions League Preview Chelsea vs. Real Madrid.-2

Football prediction tomorrow : Chelsea vs. Real Madrid

Football prediction tomorrow, Champions League preview. On April 19 at 3:00am Philippine time, Real Madrid will travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea in the second leg of their matchup, with both teams highly motivated to win. In the first leg, Real Madrid took a 2-0 lead with goals from veterans Benzema and Asensio, assisted by Vinicius Jr. Chelsea struggled to generate offense, recording only five shots on goal compared to Real Madrid’s 15. Despite playing from behind in the second leg, Chelsea will hope to reclaim their advantage at home. However, given that Chelsea is still adapting to temporary manager Lampard, this platform predicts that Real Madrid will continue their recent hot streak and secure a spot in the semi-finals.

Football prediction tomorrow : Champions League Preview Chelsea vs. Real Madrid.

In terms of statistics

The two teams have met seven times in the past, with Chelsea winning only 28.6% of the matches. In their last 10 games across all competitions, Chelsea has won only 30% and scored 9 goals while conceding 12. Real Madrid, on the other hand, has won 60% of their last 10 games, scoring 21 goals while conceding only 7. With a lead from the first leg, Real Madrid is in a favorable position to advance to the next round.

Chelsea’s Recent Situation

Chelsea has spent 610 million euros in reinforcements this season, including 200 million euros on Enzo, while their top scorer, Havertz, has scored 9 goals. However, Chelsea has only scored 13 goals in their last 20 games and has been shut out in 11 of those games. Against Real Madrid’s strong offense, Chelsea will face a difficult challenge.

Although Real Madrid won the first leg 2-0, Chelsea created several scoring opportunities during the game. In the second leg, they will be playing at home and will likely attack aggressively to turn the game around. However, Chelsea’s defense may be weakened by the absence of injured defender Thiago Silva, putting more pressure on their offense.

Football prediction tomorrow : Champions League Preview Chelsea vs. Real Madrid.-2

Real Madrid’s Recent Situation

Real Madrid has scored 21 goals in their last 8 games, averaging 2.3 goals per game, compared to Chelsea’s weak scoring record. Although their last two games were not high-scoring, securing their position in the tournament is their top priority. Additionally, with no chance of winning the league this season, Real Madrid will put all their effort into the Champions League.

Real Madrid has the upper hand going into the second leg with their strong offense and defense. Their forward trio of Benzema, Vinicius Jr., and Rodrigo has speed and firepower, while midfielders Bale, Kroos, and Modric have been consistently solid. Although Real Madrid may have some weaknesses in their transitions between offense and defense, their goalkeeper Courtois has provided a solid backstop.

Football prediction tomorrow : Champions League Preview Chelsea vs. Real Madrid.-3

Football Prediction Tomorrow

Real Madrid currently has two injured players: Mendy (muscle strain) and Vinicius Jr. (questionable). If Vinicius Jr. is unable to play, Asensio is likely to take his place. Tomorrow’s game is a great opportunity for Chelsea to turn the tables, but this platform predicts that Real Madrid will advance. The current odds for Chelsea to win are +180, while Real Madrid’s odds are +145. It is suggested to bet on the total score over 2.5, as both teams are unlikely to score given Chelsea’s relatively weak defense.

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