football odds today-2022-23 season Champion of EPL: Manchester City

Football odds today, yesterday, Manchester City hosted Chelsea in the 37th round of the Premier League at 23:00.

football odds today-2022-23 season Champion of EPL: Manchester City

Good news before today’s match

Manchester City took a quick 1-0 lead in the first half with Palmer’s assist on Alvarez’s goal. In the second half, Alvarez tried to goal again, but the goal was eventually ruled invalid for handball. The final match was a 1-0 victory for Manchester City over Chelsea. Before the match, Arsenal suffered a defeat against Nottingham Forest, it was a joy to have Manchester City confirmed as Premier League champions before today’s match.

Football odds today : Today’s game highlights

The opening 12 minutes of the game, Fofana’s misplaced pass gives City a chance to break the ball and counterattack. Palmer passed the ball, Alvarez got the ball and shot towards the far corner to give Manchester City a quick 1-0 lead. Then, Chelsea got a free kick in the 46th minute. However, Havertz missed the chance when he hit the wall and bounced out. Manchester City ended the first half with 1-0 lead over Chelsea. Both sides failed to score again until the end of the game. In the end, Manchester City took away the victory with 1-0.

football odds today-2022-23 season Champion of EPL: Manchester City

Arsenal’s regression

Arsenal, who have led the Premier League for most of many seasons. Started this season with an 8-point lead in April. However, they have only 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in their last 8 matches after April. In contrast, Manchester City has been chasing points in the Premier League with 11 consecutive wins since the end of February.

Manchester City persevered to the end and became the winner

In the end, Arsenal was defeated 0-1 by Nottingham Forest in yesterday’s match, which also allowed Manchester City to win the 2022-23 EPL title three rounds ahead of schedule. Before today’s match, Manchester City players lined up to welcome the players who won the champion. After today’s match, Manchester City won the championship with 28 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses with 88 points.

football odds today-2022-23 season Champion of EPL: Manchester City

Chelsea needs to work harder for the situation

Chelsea currently ranked 12th place in the league with 43 points, with a maximum of two rounds left in the league, Arsenal’s points can only reach a maximum of 49 points, which is already the lowest points record in the team’s history. The previous record low was 50 points in 1994-95 and 2015-16 seasons.

The Chelsea’s coach spoke in awe of Manchester City after the match: “If Chelsea wants to follow City’s ways to win the champion, they can’t do it halfway. City can’t win the Premier League for three years in a row just by being lazy, and it’s even more impossible to achieve what they’ve done now by going halfway. The players in Chelsea have to work harder and the players need to understand that.”

football odds today-2022-23 season Champion of EPL: Manchester City

A glorious moment for Manchester City

Back to the point, Haaland said:” it’s surreal, I don’t know what to say, I’m so happy, I will always remember this day because this day is really special and I will enjoy this day. It’s really nice to have 36 league goals in the first season and still get the champion, but we still have two more finals to play.

Glalish, who has been playing well this season, also said, “It’s completely different for me, I’ve played more this season and not only have I found myself, but I feel more confident in the team. I’ve also gotten healthier and I’m back to where I like to be, which is great. I think that’s why Manchester City bought me, because I can provide more help to the team, just like last time we fight in international match. Our morale has been unstoppable.

After winning the EPL, Manchester City still has the FA Cup against Manchester United and the Champions League against Inter Milan. It is quite worth looking forward to see whether Manchester City can reach the 3 champions and dominate the European competition this season.

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