Football News : It’s time to leave from PSG, Messi

Football News, May 11th transfer analysis. As the 2022-23 season comes to a close, the transfer market has once again become active. After days of rumors surrounding Messi’s transfer, there have also been developments regarding Cristiano Ronaldo. How will the transfer saga of these two football legends unfold in the final stage of their careers? Let’s analyze the situation of Messi first.

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Football News : It's time to leave from PSG, Messi-4
Messi in Barca

Two seasons in PSG, how’s it going?

In the blink of an eye, Messi has already spent two seasons at Paris Saint-Germain. Initially, PSG welcomed him with great excitement, and his arrival attracted a significant number of fans and increased viewership in Ligue 1. PSG sold countless jerseys and earned substantial income from endorsement deals. However, rumors of a rift between Messi and the club have gradually emerged. Especially with the presence of Kylian Mbappe and the hierarchy within the team, one wonders where Neymar fits into the equation. Let’s just call them mercenaries for now. Yes, PSG’s extremist fans refer to non-French players as mercenaries, and even coach Christophe Galtier is subject to criticism.

The relationship between Messi and Mbappe

After the Argentina national team won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, rumors of division within the PSG squad intensified. The final of the tournament was against defending champions France, the very country that PSG represents. In the World Cup final, Mbappe and Messi not only became opponents but also Mbappe and The France suffered defeat together. The media has been incessantly reporting on their alleged feud. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s hard to believe that there’s no tension between the two.

Football News : It's time to leave from PSG, Messi-5
Mbappe and Messi

It’s time to leave, Messi

Since Messi joined PSG, he has been blamed for many defeats, becoming a scapegoat, similar to Karim Benzema. Rational fans understand that most losses cannot be attributed to a single individual. Moreover, PSG has never had a remarkable performance in the Champions League. How can we expect Messi alone to rescue the entire team? Also, where does Mbappe fit into this situation? PSG consistently participates in the Champions League but always fails to reach the quarterfinals. The management is desperate for reform this year, and unfortunately, Messi has become the first scapegoat.

Speaking of the recent Saudi Arabia tourism incident, Messi had already obtained permission from the club for his leave, and the team had no scheduled training on Monday. He confidently went on his sightseeing ambassador duty to Saudi Arabia. However, rumors circulated that Messi intentionally skipped training to go on a vacation. The team suddenly changed their practice to Monday, making it seem more like a poorly staged drama aimed at targeting so-called mercenaries.

Messi did not argue against the allegations but instead came forward to apologize afterwards. After Messi won the Laureus Sportsman of the Year award, the club did not offer any official congratulations. Combined with the lack of a contract extension for Messi, it appears that both parties are heading towards a separation. PSG, in this case, seems to lack grace, as the French tend to be stubborn and uncompromising.

Football News : It's time to leave from PSG, Messi-6
Messi won the Laureus Sportsman of the year award

Where will Messi go next?

There is currently no news regarding retirement, so the topic of Messi’s next destination remains at the center of the transfer market. The highest demand comes from Saudi Arabian teams, with reports suggesting they are willing to offer a transfer contract worth $600 million, without any release clause. The decision-making power lies with Messi himself. Considering that very few European clubs can afford Messi’s salary, a move to an oil-rich country seems appealing. However, Messi’s wife, Antonela, is a significant obstacle as she does not want to settle in the Middle East.

Football News : It's time to leave from PSG, Messi-3
Messi’s Family

Among the top five leagues, Messi’s former club Barcelona is the one with the highest rumors surrounding his return. When Messi won the Laureus award, the club openly congratulated him, which seemed like an attempt to please him. Despite the fact that the coach, Xavi, is Messi’s former teammate and close friend, Messi’s voluntary 50% wage cut was rejected by the club. Additionally, the financial situation of the club is uncertain, and they already have a striker in place with Robert Lewandowski. It seems unlikely that Messi will return to Barcelona out of nostalgia. It’s not the right place for him anymore.

Football News : It's time to leave from PSG, Messi-1
Where Messi go next ?

Football News : The Value from Football King

According to some perspectives, at 35 years old, Messi still has a lot to offer. After winning the World Cup, he has already cemented his position as the football king. Now it’s time for him to showcase the final stage of his playing career. Whether he chooses to join a club or stay with the national team, Messi can bring not only his skills but also his knowledge and vision to the team. These experiences will be invaluable wherever he goes. Messi’s father has stated that the final decision on his transfer will only be made after the season ends. Everything now is just speculation. Instead of guessing, fans should evaluate and consider what would be the best destination for the football king.

The transfer market has opened its betting markets, with many speculating that Messi will return to Barcelona, go to Saudi Arabia, or even the United States. If you were the football king, what would your decision be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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