Football News : Haaland doesn’t want money but bright future

Football News this morning, Spain’s Sexta TV reported a major development: Erling Haaland has turned down Manchester City’s offer of a £500,000-per-week contract extension. Does this mean that Haaland doesn’t want to stay with Manchester City? Just like how Lionel Messi declined his renewal with Barcelona to retain his buyout clause, a clause that benefits his future development, Haaland’s decision to give up a £500,000-per-week salary for a future full of possibilities is understandable. After all, Manchester City isn’t the ultimate stage for him to showcase his skills. The expiration date for Haaland’s contract with Manchester City is in 2027, so there’s still a long way to go before the two parties achieve success together.

Football News : Haaland rejects Man City's contract extension, he want to join the Real Madrid?

Returning to the topic, the release clause of €240 million in Haaland’s contract with Manchester City will only be effective in 2024 and is only valid for clubs outside the Premier League. This means that if both parties reach an agreement, any team willing to pay the release clause can take Haaland away in the summer of 2024. Apparently, Manchester City’s renewal offer did not include a similar clause, so the talented Haaland has chosen to keep his options open for the future. Perhaps, like Mbappe, he also has a dream of playing for Real Madrid, where the center forward position has yet to find a successor to Benzema.

Football News : Haaland rejects Man City's contract extension, he want to join the Real Madrid?-2

However, the transfer fee of €240 million is still astronomical, and only a few teams can afford it. Even teams like Paris Saint-Germain, known for their lavish spending, must consider their options carefully. Moreover, Haaland would not want to go to a team that already has Mbappe, and Mbappe would not want to accept such a move either. So, what about Real Madrid? We think that the financially prudent Real Madrid will only offer such a high transfer fee if Haaland is truly worth it. These two years at Manchester City will be a critical period in Haaland’s career.

However, with the support of Manchester City generals and the reuse of coach Guardiola, Harland will not leave easily.

Football News : Haaland rejects Man City's contract extension, he want to join the Real Madrid?-3

The phenomenal striker, Erling Haaland, has already shown his goalscoring prowess at Borussia Dortmund and now at Manchester City, where he has been instrumental in their climb up the Premier League standings this season. With 50 goals to his name, he has surpassed the total number of goals scored by seven Premier League teams. No one knows how many more goals he can score, but Haaland’s potential is limitless. In his quest for goals, he has helped Manchester City’s title bid and has given them a fighting chance in the Champions League. The upcoming match against Real Madrid will not only be a clash between two top clubs, but also a test for Haaland and a potential opportunity for Real Madrid to gauge his abilities.

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Football News : Could a move to Real Madrid be on the horizon?

In the world of football, the two legends, Messi and Ronaldo, spent their most glorious years in La Liga, where they played for Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively. As the main strikers of Barcelona and Real Madrid age, both teams are looking for their successors. Haaland, who has rejected Manchester City’s offer to extend his contract, is a likely candidate for a move to La Liga. However, he needs a midfield maestro like De Bruyne, which makes Real Madrid an excellent option. As Luka Modric and Toni Kroos approach retirement, a new batch of midfielders is emerging, including Camavinga, Odegaard, and Bellingham, who will soon join Real Madrid from Dortmund. With these promising midfielders and Haaland, Real Madrid’s future looks bright.

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