Allin 88 worldcup 2022:The Netherlands' defense is top notch, no doubt about reaching the last 8

The Netherlands’ defense is top notch, no doubt about reaching the last 8

Heracles Athletics, November 15, 2022 – The opening of the 2022 Qatar World Cup is just around the corner, with only six days left until the opening ceremony. The national team has announced the 26-member official list one after another, compared to Brazil, France and Argentina, these title-winning favorites, although the Netherlands in orange is known as the uncrowned king of football, but the strength of this year seems to have fallen even more, with a pithy analysis is: first-class defense, second-rate midfield, third-rate offense, let us analyze the current Orange Army together.

Heracles Athletics:The Netherlands' defense is top notch, no doubt about reaching the last 8

Heracles Athletics:The Netherlands’ defense is top notch, no doubt about reaching the last 8

First of all, let’s look at the list of 26 people.

3 goalkeepers: Paswell, Bigalow, Noppert.

9 defenders: Van Dyke, Ake, Driechter, Malasia, Brindle, Timper, Dumfries, Devereaux, Frimpong.

8 Midfielders: F. de Jong, Bogois, Taylor, Klassen, Gakpo, Simmons, Kupmenas, De Jongen.

6 strikers: Depay, Belwin, Verhorst, L. de Jong, Jensen, Noah Long.

Dutch lineup, a glance at the end, the back line has 7 people from the five league giants team, not only has Bigalow sitting in goal, the defense line has Liverpool defender Van Dyke, as well as Bayern Driechter, the two attackers and defenders can definitely make the Netherlands maintain the number of shutouts in the front class, Manchester City defender Ake and Inter double star is also reassuring presence, the Dutch back defense is undoubtedly the most solid.

Coming to the midfield, compared to the star-studded back defense, the midfield position only has De Jong from Barcelona, and Atlanta double star Kupmenas and De Jongen, the rest of the players are from Ajax and Eindhoven in the Dutch Eredivisie. From the Ajax game can be known, although the individual strength of the players is far less than the superstar, but a group of upper-middle class players who can play teamwork, threatening the big power that is a matter of minutes, therefore, the Dutch midfield needs to come out to lead the team, the responsibility may fall on De Jong and the double star.

The six players on the front line, only Barcelona Depay is a strong origin, this front line is really poor than the winning team, now 28 years old Depay this season in Barcelona is only a substitute player, which means he may not be familiar with the field, from this point of view, the Netherlands is unlikely to play the main attack, defensive counter-attack is the main axis of tactics.

According to the Heracles Athletics, the Netherlands does not have a strong team, but they have a grouping advantage! Although Senegal has Bayern general Mane in town, he was injured not long ago and is on the roster, but there is no guarantee that he will be in peak condition. The most likely opponent in the last 16 is Wells in Group B, which can also easily face, in summary, the Netherlands arrived at the top 8 basic no suspense, after the top 8 each according to their abilities.

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