[English Football League Cup] Manchester United Prince Rashford’s 60-meter run opens the scoring

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022, January 27th reported. The Red Devils scored two goals in the first half to set the tone for the victory, and in the 89th minute, Bruno Fernandes scored a crucial strike to take the game 3-0.

Since the departure of Cristiano, Manchester United has been on the road to rebuilding, and this is partly due to Manchester United’s Prince Rashford. This was a great display of his speed and intelligence, running all the way 60 meters before breaking through the opponent’s defense and scoring a goal, which is undoubtedly the new hope of the Red Devils.

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester United Prince Rashford's 60-meter run opens the scoring

ALLIN88 World Cup 2022: Manchester United Prince Rashford’s 60-meter run opens the scoring

In the 5th minute of the first half, Rashford took the ball and launched a 60-meter run from his own half to the opponent’s penalty area, passing two defenders and then playing a one-two with the goalkeeper. Tenhag was full of praise: “It was a great goal, he is still improving and if we put him in the right position, he is absolutely unstoppable. “

Rashford has swept away the gloom of the previous round of the league, in the EFL Cup a single mode, but this time he is very wise, has taken a comprehensive view of the whole situation before striking, running all the way to show the speed, explosiveness and the big picture, want to carry the whole Manchester United after the departure of Cristiano, I think it is only a matter of time.

He is a popular player in the transfer market as his contract with Manchester United will expire next summer.

According to ALLIN88 World Cup 2022, Rashford is undoubtedly United’s family jewel, so if you don’t want to let him go, you have to sign him a contract extension. It is believed that the contract extension will be signed as soon as possible.

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