Croatia’s 26-man roster, headed by Modrić

Heracles Athletics, November 10 information. Philippine time today only 9 days before the opening of the 2022 Qatar World Cup! Time is close to make people’s blood boil, the national teams one after another to determine the 26 people list, the Croatian team also finally announced, not inevitably, the Checkers still led by Modric, Perisic in the list, the Milan general Rebic because there is a conflict with the commander was abandoned, Dalic in addition to retain the strength of veterans, but also enabled a lot of youngsters, it seems that the Checkers are still very competitive team.

Heracles Athletics: Croatia's 26-man roster, headed by Modrić

Heracles Athletics: Croatia’s 26-man roster, headed by Modrić

Croatia’s final 26-man list.

Goalkeeper 3 people: Levacovic, Grbic, Ivusic.

Defenders 9: Stanisic, Gevardiol, Juranovic, Vida, Borna Sosa, Lovren, Barisic, Elric, Shutaro.

Midfield 8: Modric, Kovacic, Brozovic, Jakić, Pasalic, Majer, Vlasic, Susic.

Forwards: Perisic, Kramaric, Budimir, Petkovic, Ljvaja, Olsic.

When it comes to Croatia, the first thing that comes to mind must be the current 37-year-old veteran of Real Madrid, Modric. As a former ceremonial midfielder, the Magic Flute is still the indispensable midfield brain in the lineup. His soccer career has been 154 games for the Checkers scored 23 goals, Modric led the army to the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but unfortunately lost the trophy to the French team. Checkers boss Dalic said, “Modric is in very good shape for his age and I believe this is not his last international tournament.” Indeed, midfielders can indeed come a little older in soccer than strikers.

In addition to Modric, the Croatian team’s central stalwarts are Perisic, Kovačić and Brozović, etc. Lovren and Vida also teamed up again to sit in the main central defense, Dalic this time to enable many youngsters, including Gwadiore, Erlić, Stanisic and others, so that the back line looks very safe.

According to Heracles Athletics, Croatia’s midfield lineup is deep, but the front line looks a little powerless, Milan forward general Rebic this time and did not enter the list of people very surprised, probably because Rebic once carelessly conceded a goal against Spain, so Dalic dissatisfied with his attitude, Rebic can not enter the national team from now on, but the front powerless whether to let the Checkers Army can not advance to the same height as the last final, remains to be seen. Croatia will play Morocco on November 23rd Philippine time.

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