Best online casino in the Philippines 2023: Comparing new member offers from 22WIN, JiLiHOT, and 22FUN

The online gambling industry has experienced tremendous growth worldwide, and the Philippines is no exception. As a rapidly developing economy in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has become a thriving region for online casinos. Gambling is legal in the Philippines, but players need to ensure that the platforms they register with have valid gaming licenses.

The gambling industry in the Philippines is well-established, and with the widespread use of the internet and the boost from the pandemic, players have a wide range of gaming platforms to choose from. These platforms offer diverse games to cater to the different needs of players. According to statistics, the top three favorite game types among Filipino players are slots, sports betting, and live casinos. Additionally, the Philippines has a unique game called cockfighting, which sets it apart from international casinos. These characteristics create differences between local platforms and internationally-oriented gaming platforms, especially in terms of promotional offers.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a casual player, the two main reasons for playing casino games are entertainment and the potential to win money. This article aims to compare three well-established platforms in the Philippines, allowing players to assess the offers and game types to determine which platform suits them best. Moreover, if you enjoy receiving bonuses, don’t miss the opportunity for free registration with chances to win, especially when joining JiLiHOT. We have exclusive Bonus waiting for you.

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New Member Bonus Rating: 3/5

【Full Verification get free 200 PHP】

22FUN currently has two registration offers. The first one is the Full Verification Get Free 200 ongoing promotion. Players need to follow the required four steps, including providing their real name, ID number, and photos of both sides of their identification card. The second step is to link a bank account, but it requires players to have a minimum accumulated deposit of 200 PHP in their 22FUN Wallet and make a minimum withdrawal of 500 PHP. The purpose is to ensure that players genuinely participate in the games and not solely engage in arbitrage. The next steps involve linking a mobile number and an email address. Upon completing all the steps, players can claim the 200 PHP registration bonus.

【Register free 50 PHP】

This is a limited-time registration promotion by 22FUN. Players can participate by registering and linking their mobile number and email address. Players need to meet a 20x wagering requirement in Slots and Fishing Games and can withdraw a maximum of 200 PHP. Once the conditions are met, players will receive a 50 PHP new member bonus.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and 22FUN is a platform that carefully considers its offers. They don’t give away free cash without restrictions, and these multiple requirements may deter newcomers. Typically, they prefer players to observe for a while before joining. However, the platform is more friendly towards seasoned gamblers who are familiar with managing their funds.

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New Member Bonus Rating: 5/5

【New Player will earn ONE SMASH For Free🥚】

Every new member of JiLiHOT will receive one free chance to smash the golden egg. Simply complete the name and mobile number registration to participate in the activity. Once you have wagered 10 times the value of the golden egg, you can make a withdrawal. The highest amount you can win from the golden egg is 128 PHP, making it a lucky draw for players who land a big win.

【Download Mobile App Enjoy Bonus 18 PHP】

JiLiHOT is extremely welcoming to new members. By registering and providing complete information, you will have the opportunity to smash the golden egg. Considering that most modern players prefer gaming on their mobile devices, JiLiHOT offers an additional bonus of 18 PHP for downloading the app. This allows new players to start with a higher gaming balance, increasing their chances of better rewards.

【🎁Extra 20 PHP Welcome Bonus🎁】

Great news for new members registering under this agent line in JiLiHOT! This exclusive agent has obtained authorization to offer an additional 20 PHP bonus. Starting today, players who register through the provided link and complete the basic information binding can receive an extra 20 PHP registration bonus by sending a private message to our FB fan page representative.

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💪🏽 22WIN💪🏽 

New Member Bonus Rating: 2/5

22WIN is also a popular gaming platform among Filipino players. Let’s take a look at their new member offers.

【Download App Bonus】

When you visit the Promotion page of 22WIN, you’ll find that they have only one new member offer, which is the DOWNLOAD APP BONUS. Simply register as a member and provide your basic information. After making a minimum deposit of 100 PHP, you can upload your identification photo for verification by the customer service team. Once approved, you will receive a free bonus of 20 PHP.

If you’re looking for more new member offers, such as completing missions on 22WIN’s official Facebook page with a chance to win up to 278 PHP, it is worth noting that this highest bonus is not readily available for new members.
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In summary, if you’re a novice player, you will certainly appreciate the power of welcome bonuses. They can help you start the game from a higher position, increasing your chances of winning big prizes. If you’re a seasoned player, you will make wise choices in selecting the platform that suits you best. JiLiHOT agents remind all players that while online gambling is a form of entertainment, it’s important not to become excessively addicted. Remember to practice responsible fund management and be a smart player.

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