Allin 88 world cup 2022: Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career1

Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career-Allin 88 world cup 2022

Allin 88 world cup 2022, November 30, reported. At 3:00 a.m. Philippine time today, in the World Cup Group B English derby, Wales, which broke into the World Cup again after 64 years, defeated England 0-3 and did not advance to the last 16, which was the first meeting between the Great Sage and the World Cup, and the farewell of 33-year-old Bale to the world stage. Bale is known as Mr. Big Game because he can always deliver a stunning performance at key moments, so let’s take a look at a few of the high points.

Allin 88 world cup 2022: Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career1

Allin 88 world cup 2022: Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career

The past of the Welsh national team

In 1958, 64 years ago, Wales eliminated Israel from the World Cup for the first time among the World Cup, the three group matches were drawn, in the play-offs to 2-1 defeat Hungary out of the line, to the last 8 with 0-1 loss to Brazil, the only point is still 17 years old King Pele scored, as his first World Cup goal. Wales finally ushered in the emergence of the Great Sage Bale after 48 long years of waiting.

Bale’s debut

In May 2006, the 16-year-old Bale has made his debut in the club and national team, not only the youngest player in the history of the national team to play, but also for his teammates to send a killer assist, Bale’s emergence and Giggs by such as the handover of generations, while announcing that Wales began to climb up.

However, Bale’s club career was quite difficult at first, joining the English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, Bale played 24 times all winless, Bale got the title of “the first bad god of the English Premier League”, until the 09-10 season, Bale finally made his first win in the English Premier League.

Allin 88 world cup 2022: Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career2

The Great Sage Bale-Allin 88 world cup 2022

In 2010, Bale’s first World Qualifying Tournament, Wales was ranked 4th in the world tournament, and once fell to 112th, even lower than our Chinese men’s soccer team, so of course, Bale was killed. However, Bale suddenly showed an amazing talent, facing the defending champion Inter in the Champions League to complete a hat trick, back to the home of Tottenham Hotspur to open the sweeping mode, a number of players left behind, so that looks like the Monkey King Bale got the title of “Great Sage”, from then on driving a somersault cloud in the green field.

Bale was elected as the best rookie of Tottenham Hotspur and the best player of PFA, and in the 12-13 season, he won all the EPL awards with 21 goals and 9 assists.

The famous Real Madrid BBC combination

In addition to running like a somersault cloud, Bale’s long-range shooting and free kicks also dominated the field, making him the number one player in the EPL. Bale’s £85.1 million transfer fee beyond C Luo, once the highest in the team, Real Madrid also formed at this time by Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo sitting in the BBC forward combination.

Enter Real Madrid’s Bale and break into new heights, at first he was quiet for a while, nothing to do he suddenly played in the King’s Cup surprisingly tumultuous operation! Coentrao played a ball to Bale, then Barca’s Baltra came up to fight for the ball, and the two of them played an unstoppable race.

Allin 88 world cup 2022: Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career3

Baltra squeezed Bale out of bounds, but Bale sent the ball forward with an early kick, overtaking from the outside lane to receive the ball passed by himself three seconds ago, killing all the way into the box to finish the goal, which made Ronaldo on the sidelines rejoice. A month later in the Champions League final, Bale scored a header in overtime to lead Real Madrid to a 2-1 Champions League win in the Madrid derby.

In the 2014-15 season, Mr. Bale continued to lead the way, contributing 7 goals and 2 assists in the Euro qualifiers, leading the Red Dragons into the Europa League for the first time, which was Wales’ return to the world stage after 58 years. The next year, Bale made the only key goal in the semi-finals of the Champions League, and by the final, the saint sent an assist for Ramos, and also offered one for the penalty shootout, and finally Real Madrid won the Champions League again, and Bale won the MVP.

In 2016, Wales’ first ever Euro Cup, Bale was involved in four consecutive goals, leading the Red Dragons to the last 8, and eventually defeated Cairo-led Portugal in the last 4. That year, Bale was selected in the top three of UEFA’s annual best with his Real Madrid teammates and Griezmann, and became the 6th place winner of the Golden Ball Award. This was the pinnacle of the great saint’s career.


In 2017, Bale fell into injury trouble, in addition to playing fewer games in the club, but also did not have a chance to play in the World Cup, Wales and the World Cup passed. 2 years later, Bale came to China against the national football team, and finally Wales took down the Chinese men’s football team 6-0, Bale staged a hat-trick, with 29 goals to become the national team’s first scorer, although Bale has gradually retired from the main due to injury, but he still plays Real Madrid’s Mr. Key. Bale came on as a substitute in the Champions League final and scored 2 minutes later with a reverse hook shot from the penalty spot, followed by another goal, which made then manager Zinedine Zidane feel very incredible, and Bale became the first player in the history of the Champions League final to score two goals as a substitute.

After that, Bale’s career in the club gradually went downhill due to injuries, only 20 appearances and 3 goals in a single season, while Bale’s love of golf was also taken out, and finally the whole Bernabeu fans were booing him. However, these are not the most important things for Bale. Near the last moment of his soccer career, Bale wants to reach the height of the World Cup. In the European zone play-offs, Bale scored twice to eliminate Austria 2-1, and this free kick world wave made him seal the deal again, worthy of being Mr. Big Game.

Farewell to Real Madrid, to Qatar World Cup-Allin 88 world cup 2022

After winning, Bale also ushered in a farewell to Real Madrid. Last season, the saint scored one goal in seven appearances for Real Madrid, and he won the Champions League with Real Madrid from the bench, becoming the first British player to win the Champions League five times. Bale played for Real Madrid for 9 years, 258 times and scored 106 goals, in the Champions League final took 3 goals and 1 assist, a total of 19 trophies with the team, enough to enter the pantheon of Real Madrid legends. After bidding farewell to Real Madrid, Bale devoted himself to the World Cup.

In June this year, Wales played a deadly battle with Ukraine at Cardiff Stadium, Bale opened the free kick assisted Yarmolenko to head the goal, and the saint was involved in all the goals of Wales in the World Cup play-offs, taking the Red Dragons back to the World Cup after 64 years. In the main event, Wales has drawn 1-1 with the United States, lost 0-2 to Iran, and finally defeated 0-3 against England, not to advance, but this has been their best result in the World Cup.

Allin 88 world cup 2022: Bale goes to the World Cup, counting the highlights of his soccer career4

According to Allin 88 world cup 2022, the 33-year-old Bell left the Big Five after playing for Los Angeles FC, not only to win the Supporters’ Shield, in the finals in 128 minutes in the whistle to kill the tie, and finally led the team to win the championship in the finals, worthy of the key Mr. Big Game.

After this World Cup, Bale will hang up his boots and retire? Bale smiled and said, “It may really be postponed some.” It seems kicking into the World Cup has given him a lot of motivation. This may be the only time fans see the BBC and MSN combination together in the World Cup, despite the twilight of the gods, but Bell’s going to the World Cup in Qatar is really a special meaning.

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