ALLIN88 Daily : Le Coq gaulois' 4-0 bloodbath against the Netherlands

New captain Mbappe scored a match-high 8.9 points with 2 passes and 1 shot in Le Coq gaulois’ 4-0 bloodbath against the Netherlands

ALLIN88 Daily,March 25 report. In the early hours of this morning, the European qualifying rounds started hot, including the focus of Group B by Le Coq gaulois France to face the Orange Army Netherlands.

ALLIN88 Daily : Le Coq gaulois' 4-0 bloodbath against the Netherlands

ALLIN88 Daily : New captain Mbappe scored a match-high 8.9 points with 2 passes and 1 shot in Le Coq gaulois’ 4-0 bloodbath against the Netherlands

The opening 2 minutes Mbappe assisted Griezmann to score first, Upamecano 5 minutes later and then scored a point, Tchouaméni helped Mbappe to expand the score, the first half France with 3-0 into the locker room, the second half of the 88th minute Mbappe scored another scored a goal. France finally defeated the Netherlands 4-0 to open the door, Mbappe’s new official 2 passes and 1 shot to take the highest 8.9 points in the game.

In this match, the visiting Orange Army had 59% possession, 88% passing success rate, 11 shots, 5 shots on goal and 0 goals in 108 attacks, with 3 shots off and 3 blocked, while the home team France had only 62 attacks with 12 shots, 8 shots on goal and 4 goals, 86% passing success rate, but the attack conversion rate was much higher than the Dutch team. The Orange Army failed to grasp three excellent chances and made more mistakes, coupled with the lack of grasp of the front court attack, France’s victory was not difficult to predict.

In the opening two minutes, the Netherlands immediately made a mistake at the back, Griezmann immediately saw the opportunity to counter-robbery, Mouani with the ball into the top of the arc after the diagonal pass, Mbappe crossed the middle to the forward Griezmann, Griezmann pushed the goal for the French team to get the first point 1-0. 8th minute, Griezmann free kick from the right cross, the ball hit the goalkeeper Cillessen but rebounded, Upamecano’s eyes and hands knocked the ball into the goal. Upamecano was quick enough to crash the ball into the goal, nearly running over Cillessen. The Orange Army was helpless in front of the goal, and France’s lead came to two points.

In the 21st minute Mbappe darted forward after splitting the ball on the left, Tchouaméni passed to Mbappe three seconds later and the Ninja Turtle one-touched the goalkeeper to keep France ahead 3-0. The French team took advantage of the situation, but a few waves of offense were hit iron, and the first half ended at 3-0.

In the second half, France continued to attack hard, with Tchouaméni’s shot confiscated by Cillessen and Maignan returning the favor to Depay. France caught another chance in the 66th minute when the Dutch misplaced a pass at the back post and Mbappe took the ball and fired a shot that was blocked by Cillessen. In the 85th minute, Diaby’s shot was invalidated because he was offside. 3 minutes later, another mistake occurred in the Dutch center circle, Mbappe got the ball and quickly pushed the penalty area, the Dutch team was heavily defended but was cheated by the continuous fake action of M. Finally, Mbappe shot the goal, France took a big lead 4-0, the score was fixed here, France took the opening of the European qualifying round.

According to the ALLIN88 Daily viewpoint, this game not only saw the new official Mbappe, the attack was really more active than before, but also warned all the opponents once again – don’t let France catch your passing mistakes! With Griezmann’s keen eye and Mbappe’s mad speed, your mistake could be France’s score. France is currently leading Group B with 3 points and goals, and will face Ireland on the road at 2:45am on March 28.

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