Real Madrid national derby 3-1 victory over Barcelona, experience or talent are much higher than Barca

Heracles Athletics,Spanish national derby Real Madrid on Barcelona’s match has aroused concern, although the pre-tournament Barcelona in the rankings is the first in La Liga, but everyone does not think that the current Barcelona has the strength to be able to pull the trigger with Real Madrid, the reason is that the two teams, whether in terms of talent or experience, the Galaxy fleet is still the upper hand, some may say that Barcelona lost because the back line is too many injuries, but even if the back defense to Qi But even if the backline is intact, Barcelona is still unable to win against Real Madrid.

Is Barca’s talent not good? That’s not necessarily true. Lewandowski, De Jong and Pedro are all talented, and Dembélé’s talent is not bad either. So this team has a lot of good talented players. If you look at experience, Busquets and Lewandowski have a lot of match experience, and Dembélé, despite his age, also has a lot of match experience. Ter Stegen has even more match experience. But the fact is that Lewandowski is bound to have problems now whenever he faces a high intensity defense.

Real Madrid belongs to a team that combines talent as well as experience very well. Looking at the five major leagues, Real Madrid is basically a team that does the best job of alternating the old with the new. Many of the veterans from the previous Champions League win were there, Kroos blew up Barca’s midfield in this game, and Modric’s defense was good. Tchouameni was also excellent, this is also young and talented defensive midfielder. And Benzema is one of the best key players on the planet.

The two teams have a huge gap in their lineups, and Barca should only be able to compete for the UEFA Cup and the King’s Cup this year.

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