More sweat to the people! 50% of Swedes are overweight or obese*. Even so, more people here are hospitalized due to stress rather than those extra pounds of weight around the waist. Something is not right, and we want to help.

HeyOuts mission is to make people sweat more. Whereas Netflix & chill is awesome, a great workout can be really something. That’s why we’ve set out to fill the 10.000 empty gym spots that face Stockholmers every day. We start by offering yoga at our 5 favourite yoga studios in Stockholm in early 2017, along with a church (AMEN to that). The spots are last minute, so they’re usually pretty cheap.

We have a very basic app, only for iOS (other ways to book are in the making, soon, we hope!). Our team is small, but some of us have helped to build some really fun things. This, however, we think is our biggest one yet.

Get the HeyOuts iOS App* today, book a yoga session, and stretch your head!