HeyOuts mission is to make people sweat more. More than 50% of Swedes are overweight or obese, and we think we have a chance to help change that.

But in order to help understand why we actually do this, let us (and me, Linus) explain why.

Exercise and me – we go a long way back. Myself, I’ve grown up in a house where my parents composed group workout classes in the living room while me and my brother were watching X-files* on TV (*not a good combination). It goes back to the times when my father took us out of the city hockey league, and made us create our own, to get more time to play. It dates back to when I organized my own sporting team in Stockholm, or just ran down to the local pitch to play with complete strangers.

It’s taken me from the gyms that my father and mother founded (and lost), to jumping on the grass fields below the Eiffel Tower (“on va faire la pompe”) to leading classes in front of 30.000 people on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. I’ve tried to inspire people to work out, made hundreds do workouts in bars, and hundreds of thousands of foreigners try a classic Swedish sport called Heyrobics. I’ve run marathon races around the world, become a Swedish national ultramarathon champion (100km, not recommended of you want to keep all 10 toenails) and made running my main mean of transportation in-between things, meetings and dinners. I’ve travelled around the world, from New York to SF, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and back, to find out how people work out – what’s great, what’s sometimes even destructive, to learn about people, and to see how I can help.

I’ve also tried to grow businesses, made apps, recruited people, done financing rounds, fired people, made deals, lost deals, gotten back up, and tried again. Making people sweat is one way to make people happy. I’ve made it my calling.

Myself, I’ve also had problems with exercise motivation. Getting into a good exercise routine, let alone shape, is hard. This is due to many different reasons – complicated gym memberships, nervousness to try something we’re bad at, expensive classes, general motivation. But maybe more than anything, it’s that thing called life that tends to get in the way. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

As I write this, we’re two years in the making of HeyOuts. We’re a small team of really dedicated people based in Stockholm*. When we’ve fallen, we’ve gotten back up. We’ve already had a long journey, but in many ways, it feels as though we’re just beginning. So far, we’ve picked up a lot of things.

We, and I, believe
– Exercise, regardless of type, is “existential”: it’s not about counting calories or push-ups, but about finding a way to sweat that we enjoy
– We should get a chance to find, try and do exercise regardless of body type, preferences or wallet size
– By exercising more, we live more naturally, feel better, feel stronger, and are able to enjoy both the cope with the bad and and enjoy good things in life more
– Those of us who want to work with exercise should have the opportunity to do so, and be empowered to do so, and be able to live a great life pursuing our passion
– Yoga makes people connect both with ourselves, our body and mind, and with others, and make us live each day better.

That’s why we start with getting a workout app out with top yoga classes at top places for half price, in Stockholm. If you haven’t already:

Book a something you love (or something you’ve never tried!) and sweat a little bit more today!

/Linus (and Adrian, KJ, and the others trying to help people sweat more)

In pink shorts @ HeyOuts

* If you want to help us, or have ideas on what we can do better, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our email is stockholm@heyouts.com, and we try to check it when we don’t work out.


More sweat to the people! More than 50% of Swedes are overweight or obese, and that’s schmuck. HeyOuts mission is to make people sweat more. Whereas Netflix & chill is awesome, a great workout can be really something. That’s why we’ve set out to fill the thousands of empty gym spots that face stockholmers every day. We start by offering yoga at our 5 favourite yoga studios in Stockholm since February 2017. The spots are last minute, so they’re usually pretty cheap. App here: appstore.com/heyouts



…empower our partners with a business system that helps them to better manage their operations (and sell more workouts). We used to run workout businesses ourselves, we know the pain points, and our mission is to remove those. We stretch our outmost to make them happy, grow, and prosper. When we succeed, your workouts will be better than they’ve ever been.

If you’re a studio or coach, and want to talk more, just contact us!