What’s HeyOuts? 
Book great workouts without a membership!
We let you find and do the best fitness around you – no commitment needed. Loads of workouts are available for just 99 SEK in our iOS app!
Because fitness is better with friends*! Our dream is that workouts should be as easy to do as a visit to the movies, or a table for two (or why not 5!) at your favourite restaurant.
* But it’s of course still ok to book a workout just for one!
How do I pay for my workouts?
With 2 taps! You pay in the app, once you found your workout(s) of choice. Downloading the app is 100% free, and you only pay when you book a class!
Do I need a membership of some sort?
Nope – and that’s the point! HeyOuts is the new way to experience new sporty things – hassle free, cheap and social.
What happens when I arrive @ the studio?
When you arrive at the studio, check in with the front desk and show your ticket. The staff or coach present will help you sign in, give you a tour of the studio (if you ask nicely!), and answer your questions. Unless otherwise specified, arrive latest 10 minutes before class to keep your spot. For more information about the specific location, check the studio info in-app or studio’s website!
Can I book for friends? 
Life is better with friends – and so are workouts. So, just like you’d book a table, or buy concert tickets!
What’s the class cancellation policy? 
HeyOuts is not membership-based. Because spots are limited and only available last-minute, all sales are final and non-refundable.
How do I get an invite? 
The easiest way to get access is to apply on the website!
I applied a while ago – when’s my invite coming through? 
In order to ensure that our users have enough spots to choose from, we’ve had to limit the amount of invites. BUT: shortly, we aim to out new invites faster than Richard Simmons says “Bum Squeeze”, so until then, squeeze tight!
Can I buy an invite?
We do not sell invites.
How can I list my studio or gym on HeyOuts? 
Our goal is to work with the top fitness providers in each city, and vet each new studio. To apply to be listed as a partner on the HeyOuts platform / app, please contact us (hey at heyouts.com) and we will get back to you!
Where can I find out more about HeyOuts? 
Full FAQ, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy and more can be found in the app – tap the links in Settings or see HeyOuts.com!
For anything else, just drop a few lines to hey (at) heyouts.com!