go for a stretch!

Get access to the top yoga studios in Stockholm, by downloading our new BETA app. * Note that during early 2017, a code is needed to get access to sessions. REQUEST IT HERE or by downloading app!

access the best yoga studios

We offer physical and mental workouts from some of the top yoga studios in Stockholm, on a last-minute basis. In general, classes are priced between 100-200 SEK (but some are even free). >90% of classes can be done regardless of skill, because we believe that #thebeginnerisahero.

help make yoga the people's sport

At HeyOuts, we believe sport is good for you. We also believe yoga can make some miracles happen (note to self: "zip it, hold back mumbo jumbo"). We are looking for people who can help us make yoga big. We start in Stockholm. Check out some of the open jobs by pressing the link below.